Dealing With Disappointment

Today didn’t go exactly how I wanted it to go. I started my day with a disappointing email and ended with my Macbook laptop battery dying a sad death at five years old. My dad was so sweet to let me type this post from his laptop while I am currently computer-less. Despite the setbacks… [Read More]

A Really Bad Haircut

Lord knows I’ve had more than my fair share of bowl cuts and uneven bangs as a child. Fortunately for me as I got older I learned what works for my hair and what doesn’t and have avoided my dad wielding a salad bowl and a pair of kitchen shears like the plague. Unfortunately for… [Read More]

A Perfect Winter Weekend

Happy Monday! Its the last week of school before Spring Break begins and I am so excited. I spent this past weekend in State College with Josh. We kept it pretty low key and stayed inside since it was State Patty’s Weekend. If you never heard of it before its a student created party weekend… [Read More]

Workout Food Cravings

Is it the weekend yet? Miss Bailey seems to think so. Whether its a weekday or a weekend she always makes sure to take time to get her beauty rest! ;p In between classes today I decided to treat myself to some tofu pad thai from Jasmines, a local Thai restaurant. Williamsport doesn’t have many… [Read More]

What I Love Wednesday

This has been one busy Wednesday. Some things that I have loved about it: A breakfast burrito so stuffed with veggies I can’t roll it up properly. Also that a breakfast burrito can be just as delicious served for lunch/dinner. I had to make up my international business test today so I was in classes… [Read More]

My Date With A Mouse

On Superbowl Sunday while everyone else was looking forward to the big game I was looking forward to spending the day at Epcot. Last years trip was the first time I went to Disney World and I celebrated by spending a day in Magic Kingdom and a day in Epcot. This year I wanted to… [Read More]

11 Things for Sunday

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! My day has been super productive. I got to sleep in, clean my room, catch up on Big Bang Theory episodes, get a workout in, and work on this blog post. In about an hour I’m heading to Olive Garden with some co-workers for dinner so I… [Read More]

What I Love About Orlando


Today marks a week since I’ve been back from Orlando. I’m so sorry about my erratic posting. This week has been full of make-up tests, catching up on school work, some exciting personal things that I’ll update you more on later, and some not so exciting personal things. My 92-year-old step-grandpa who lives with us… [Read More]

Celebrating Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all are having a wonderful day celebrating love with your loved ones! I got home from Orlando this past Saturday and while I have tons of trip updates to share with you all, I wanted to share my weekend Valentine’s Day celebrations with Josh first. Florida updates will start… [Read More]

Grocery Shopping in Orlando

Wow today has been a busy day. Packing took a lot longer than expected, for some reason its so hard for me to pack for 80 degree weather in 30 degree weather. I remembered what warm weather felt like but it felt so out of place for the middle of February I was unsure if… [Read More]