Relishing the Moment

I hope everyone is having a great week and that you’ve been getting to soak up the summer weather! Today was my day off and I relished it. I slept in (until 9, what is happening to me?), made a leisurely breakfast, took care of some errands, and then napped. I’m secretly 45 because it… [Read More]

Heels Made For Walking {Earthies Giveaway}


I feel like I’ve been talking about my internship a lot on here lately, sharing the awesome things about it and the things that have been a bit of an adjustment for me. One of the things I haven’t really mentioned on here but that I am absolutely loving about my internship is the fact… [Read More]

Memorial Day Weekend Memories

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are having a wonderful day with family and friends and that you have sunny skies and grilled food to help you celebrate the day! Diane is traveling for work today and I’m picking up a shift at my other job so we went ahead and celebrated Memorial Day as… [Read More]

Things I’m Loving

I have finally found a healthy snack to munch on at work that is both filling and tasty. When I was at TJMaxx the other day I spotted Love Crunch on the shelves and was immediately intrigued. I’ve heard good things about Nature’s Path and liked the ingredients so I figured I’d give them a… [Read More]

Will Travel For Chocolate

Thanks so much for all the feedback and thoughts on my last post! I really appreciate it and always learn so much from you guys. I hope you’re all having an awesome week, its been another busy one for me. I traveled back to Harrisburg for the last day of training for my summer internship…. [Read More]

Why I Eat Soy

It’s crazy to look back and realize I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a year now. I’m so happy I took the plunge and decided to do it. My life has changed in so many wonderful ways. I considered becoming a vegetarian for a long time before I did but I was nervous about getting… [Read More]

The Best Kind of Weekend

I really needed this weekend. After a busy week, getting to unwind and spend time with Josh was absolutely perfect. I got out of work at 6 on Friday and figured I’d wait to get dinner until I made it to State College. So around 7 I stopped by Chipotle for what I think will… [Read More]

Balancing It All

Coming home after a long day to these two cute little faces is one of my favorite things. Their whole bodies shake they’re so excited and they cover me in slobbery puppy kisses and cuddle up next to me on the couch. It is the perfect way to relax after a long day! In the… [Read More]

Internship Training {And Good News!!}

Wow a lot has happened in two days! I’m back in Williamsport after hitting the road at 7am on Monday to head to the city for two days of training for my summer internship. This is my second summer internship (my first being for Sony in Hawaii) and I am so excited for the opportunity…. [Read More]

The Operation

Yesterday’s surgery was a success! I got my mole removed and all stitched up. It was my second surgery ever, I had my wisdom teeth removed last winter, and I was surprised that it was relatively painless. The dermatologist numbed my arm and then I didn’t feel a thing as he cut me up and… [Read More]