Staying Safe in Sandy

Hey all! Happy Halloween! Hopefully the fact that you’re reading this means you have power. I hope all my East Coast friends are doing well and that Sandy left your area with minimal damage and no injuries. It rained continuously from 1pm Monday afternoon until about 4pm Tuesday here. Thankfully we did not have anything… [Read More]

A Penguin Halloween

This weekend was so much fun! Josh and I got dressed up with friends to celebrate Halloween. We weren’t sure what we were going to be for Halloween until a few weeks ago when browsing a Halloween shop. It was hard to top last year’s Mickey and Minnie Halloween costumes. This year we decided to… [Read More]

Calling Out Companies on Trans Fat

Wow guys. I have been blown away reading all your inspiration stories of how and why you got started running on my Road Runner Sports outfit giveaway! I try not to comment on giveaway posts because it makes it harder for me to keep the numbers straight when it comes time to pick a winner… [Read More]

Road Runner Sports Running Outfit Giveaway

Girl Gone Vegie Road Runner Sports Erin Smith

You guys have made it to the end of my Runner’s World recaps! I hope you have enjoyed them, I had so much fun getting to relieve the incredible weekend with you guys. If you missed any of the posts here they all are: On My Way to Runner’s World Runner’s World Blogger BBQ I… [Read More]

Got My Swag {Bag} On

Thanks so much for all the continued sweet comments about my weekend at Runner’s World. There’s been so much to talk about, I can’t believe I only have one post left before my big giveaway. This post is all about the swag at Runner’s World. I know when I read about bloggers going to events… [Read More]

Runner’s World Blog Event and Expo

Thank you guys so much for all the sweet comments on yesterday’s 5k recap. It was such a special race and one I am so proud for doing. As amazing as the race was I still have the rest of the weekend to tell you about. So if I can back up this weekend to… [Read More]

I Did It! My Runner’s World 5K

WOW! This weekend has been such an amazing one it’s kind of surreal to be sitting down to write this recap. Which is why there is going to be more than one post about my weekend at Runner’s World. 😀 Today’s post is all about the actual 5k itself. I will also be posting a… [Read More]

Runner’s World Blogger BBQ

Hello from Bethlehem! I’m sitting on my sister’s couch as I type this. I’m so tired I should really get to bed but there’s so much I want to say. Day one of the blogging event at Runner’s World was FANTASTIC. This is my first blogging event of any kind and I had no idea… [Read More]

On My Way to Runner’s World

Today is the day!  It’s time to for me to travel to the Bethlehem area for the Runners World Blogger and Race event! I am SO excited but also so nervous. I can’t wait to get to meet some incredible FitFluential people and put faces to blogs that I read daily. I can’t wait to… [Read More]

Blog Business Cards

Girl Gone Veggie Erin Smith FitFluential Business Card

This weekend I am attending my first blogger event and I am so excited. The Runner’s World Event is going to be amazing both on a blogging  level and on a personal fitness level. Running the 5k is going to be such an incredible achievement, and getting to meet with other bloggers and brands is… [Read More]