2014 Resolutions

2014 is going to be a good year. I don’t know what it’s going to bring, but I know it’s going to be awesome. Some personal goals I’m setting for myself are to really be aware of what I’m eating and make sure I’m moving on a regular basis. I’ve gained weight recently and have felt uncomfortable in my own skin. Between adding turkey and chicken back into my diet, enjoying dinners out with grown up paychecks, and sitting at a desk all day I’m struggling to find a healthy balance with how much to eat and when. I’ve decided to get it under control, so along with being more regimented with my food (let’s be real, I love my savory and sweet treats but I’m trying to reign it in) I’m also working on getting fit.

(Source because it was -38 with the windchill and I was not stopping to take a picture when I was out of the car.)

I decided to test out Prairie Life Fitness at Midtown Crossings. I’ve heard great things about this gym and love their class schedule. I have a gym two floors above me and don’t use it. I’ve realized that if I’m not feeling peer pressure to not looking like a moron while working out and having someone encouraging me I won’t do as good of a job. Sad but true.

So I took a spin class after work today. I loved it. They got the room dark like they do at Soul Cycle and blasted club music. These bikes also have rpm monitors so I was even more challenged trying to keep up with the class. I was so proud of myself for rocking it out in class. Tomorrow I’m trying a barre burn class before deciding whether or not to join. If barre is anything like the spin class was today I’m definitely going to become a member. The gym is gorgeous and it’s only a half mile from my house.

Here’s some other things I’m looking to work on in 2014.

Questions of the Day: What are you looking to work on in 2014? Do you have an inspiration board for the new year? Share it!


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    Good luck on your 2014 goals! Finding a gym that you love is so important! In my opinion, it needs to be fun, practical and close to either home or work (the last thing is the most important. My fitness goal for 2014 is to run another marathon!

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    Best of luck to you!! I am working on the same things. Moving more and being accountable for my food choices. I am doing a 30 day sugar detox and its been interesting!! hard as hell but interesting.

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