3 Things to Ask Yourself

Hey everyone!

So this post was supposed to be my StitchFix review but then The Black List took it to an even new level of disturbing with last night’s episode. After hiding behind Josh in horror for an hour I decided to call it a night and head to bed. I’ll make sure to post StitchFix pictures tomorrow.

What I wanted to talk about today is some wisdom I heard at my spinning class last night. The instructor is awesome. You can tell he’s a hardcore cyclist, but he’s approachable, makes class fun, and encourages everyone. Last night’s workout was extra hard, but in the best way. The 45 minute class was broken down into three sessions and each session he had some food for thought for us to focus on while we rode.

1. Do I love fully?

2. Do I live fully?

3. Do I make a difference?

These questions sound so simple but they really resonated with me. For me, exercise is about putting in the effort now, to see the results I want to see tomorrow. It’s a forward thinking processes, which is great, but not focused on the present moment. This class reminded me to stop and smell the roses along the way. To not just feel tired but to feel the way my heart beats in my chest and know I’m alive and healthy. To feel the way my feet push against the peddle and know that not only are my legs getting strong, they’re already strong. To feel the way my body keeps time to the beat of the music and know there’s fire in my soul.

For me, I love and live fully when I’m aware of what I have and appreciate my current state. Yearning for the future or for better or for change is great, but when that becomes my sole focus I stop living fully and start living for the future. I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely fallen into that trap before. Heck I’ve fallen into this trap recently. 

“Once I lose 20 pounds I’ll be able to rock cute clothes and feel great about myself!” <— I’ve thought this a lot lately.

Why am I not letting myself feel great about me now? Sure, I have a lot I need to work on at the gym, but I have a body that works and is healthy now. By pinning all that confidence and happiness on an event far off in the future I’m cheating myself of a full life now. How I look makes up a very small part of what makes me me. And I’m the only me I’ve got so I have to love me fully.

Hopefully confidence from living and loving fully will inspire and make a difference in others lives.

Questions of the Day: Is there any aspect of your life that you’re not letting yourself love fully or live fully? How do you make a difference?


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    Yeah I agree. You have to live in the now and appreciate what you have now and also work for what you want to achieve.

    Many times we get so caught up in a goal that we don’t see how closer we are moving towards it.

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    What a great post, Erin! I love those questions, they really make me think. It sounds like you have an awesome instructor…. oh how I’m longing for to take some classes lol! Anyways, I know what you mean. I always find me being very critical of myself and dreaming of the day when I can wear anything and feel confident. It’s important for us to, as you say “stop and smell the roses” because the present is a gift and tomorrow is never guaranteed. I also love that you mentioned that your body is already strong. It is so true. Lots of times we take movement for granted, when many people do not have the ability to walk or be active! This post is just what I needed, thank you for sharing. You are so inspiring, love your blog!!

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