A Blogger Meetup and Super Bowl Commercials

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a great weekend. What did you think of the Super Bowl? It was my first time really sitting down to watch a Super Bowl game and I was bummed at the lack of game. I’m happy for the Seahawks but wish it would have been a little more interesting. The commercials were awesome and Bruno Mars rocked the half time show. Those are the two things that really made it for me. My three favorite commercials were:

This commercial almost made me cry. So beautiful and such a great reminder of our history and what it means to be American.

I love this little girl. My sister is half black so seeing a family like this where color is no big deal is awesome, because color isn’t a big deal. Also, I would totally give that girl a puppy. She is so freaking adorable.

I love a commercial that show dads some love. My dad was a single parent so he was that protector for me. Although if I have a child that almost crashes our car because he gets distracted looking at girls I am not going to react that calmly. ;p

And I totally cried when Bruno Mars sang Just the Way You Are during the soldier tribute. I’m a total sap. And I totally want to see him in concert when he comes to Omaha. He’s got moves!

I also went to the Omaha Bloggers Meetup this weekend and got to hang out with some awesome ladies. Nicole from Mom Saves Money is a coupon and money saving expert. She went through the freebie presentation for us at that she teaches at local colleges. I learned a ton! Saving money for your family is always a good thing and I can’t wait to put some of her tips into practice. My personal biggest money-saving shopping tip? Use Ebates! It was also just a lot of fun getting to see everyone. Omaha has an incredible blogging community. I’m very lucky to know these ladies.

Question of the Day: What was your Super Bowl weekend like?


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    It was not Super Bowl related at all lol I didn’t watch any of it. I spent time celebrating Chinese New Year with the family. I’ll have to watch Bruno Mars’ performance!

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    I am so happy with the Seahawks SB win! Loved it! We met at my friend’s for a get together and grazed all afternoon while watching for good commercials. My favorites were the Budweiser ones and the Audi with the big headed dog. It had me rolling!

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    OMG…the game was horrible, so I actually stopped watching, and missed these awesome commercials you posted, so I’m glad I was able to see them here! And I’m so proud of Cherrios for this commercial! Despite all the controversy last year’s commercial received, they boldly took a stand and created another great spot; this little girl is adorable, and I’d give her a puppy too! :-)

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      Not a random question! I started it here. Moving from PA to NE I knew I needed a community here. After googling people who listed Omaha as their blog location I started emailing.

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