A Busy Summer Day in State College

After a super fun Saturday celebrating my sister’s baby shower, I got up bright and early on Sunday to head to State College and spend the day with Josh. I got there around lunch time and we were both feeling hungry so we decided to stop by Wegmans and pick up some good food.

I love Wegman’s Cafe area. There are so many different types of foods and a flavor for every taste bud. Josh and I are sad for the day we no longer live by a Wegmans.

I picked up a favorite, their tofu burrito bowl. This thing is packed with food. Wegmans flavors their tofu so well and the queso sauce is out of this world. I was in heaven eating this thing.

While I went with a tried and true food choice Josh went with something new and ordered the sweet potato sushi. It was pretty tasty! I still prefer the tofu and mango sushi at Wegmans but this was a nice substitute. I’m just a sushi monster and could eat two of those plates of sushi for a meal.

After Wegmans we decided to check out the new Home Goods that just opened in the area. I’m spoiled in Williamsport because we have a Home Goods connected to our TJMaxx. I’m always there to pick up interesting foods to try and scout out cute dishwear for blog pictures. While the Home Goods in my TJMaxx is big its not its own store size big. The State College Home Goods store is HUGE! There were so many cute things it made me want to decorate a house so badly. Affordable and stylish is always a win, win combination. 😀

Josh is amazing and likes home decor and cooking gadgets as much as I do so we had a blast browsing the store. We found a super huge couch that would be perfect for cuddling up and reading a book on. It was so comfy.

I also loved this antique looking dresser. The chipped paint and blue flower handle accents made it look handmade. I think it is so feminine and would look perfect in my future office! 😀 (I also think it would compliment my dream desk very nicely!)

After tearing ourselves away from Home Goods we headed across the street to pick up some Starbucks. I was craving a mid-afternoon pick me up and this hit the spot. I’m trying to wean myself off the regular frappes and mochas at Starbucks and am slowly switching over to the light blend. I’ve always ordered my drinks with skim milk and no whip cream but the light blend manages to shave even more calories and sugar off the drink. If only it tasted as good. ;p

After Starbucks we headed back to Josh’s apartment and passed the afternoon away enjoying each other’s company and playing some card games. I love how much Josh loves games and how much fun we can have playing them together. If you’re looking for two games that are perfect for two players I highly recommend these. They’re fast paced and so much fun!

For dinner we kept with Sunday tradition and ordered takeout from Legends at the Penn Stater. The fries were so crispy and the sandwich was so fresh. I was in one happy food coma afterwards.

While we ate we watched cool Youtube videos (You really need to check this one out!) and then cuddled up for the newest episode of Food Network Star. Is anyone else watching that? Who’s you’re favorite contestant? I want the Rebel with a Culinary Cause or Grille Next Door to win. I’m loving this season, there are so many memorable characters!

And sadly, before I knew it, it was Monday morning and it was time for me to head off to work. It was truly a perfect weekend with my sister, my parents, and Josh. Thanks for letting me share it with you!

Question of the Day: What are some of your favorite food traditions? Is there a restaurant you go to once a month? A dish you always eat to bring you good luck?


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    My boyfriend and I love Home Goods. It’s so fun to walk around. Haha. Have you ever played Phase 10? It’s more fun with more people, but it’s definitely doable with two!!

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      I’ve never heard of Phase 10 but now I really want to look it up! We’re always looking for more fun games to play together. Thanks so much!

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    I totally blame you for the excitement I have when I cross the border and go to Buffalo to shop. I literally can’t leave without a quick stop into Wegman’s!

    Also, those French Fries looked SO ridiculously good in the picture, I was practically drooling…

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      Haha I’m so happy to be passing on the Wegmans love! It is by far my favorite grocery store, they just go above and beyond!

      And the French Fries were incredible! They were beer battered and oh so yummy! 😀

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      Oh yes, I really like her too! I just want her to be a little more spunky like she was in the beginning. Team Bobby is pretty awesome. I was sad the dad who gave up his job for the opportunity went home, he seemed like an amazing cook!

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