A fun filled December weekend

Every weekend I plan to sit around and do nothing but watch Bravo shows in my pjs. I love the simple things in life. ;p And without fail, every weekend I find myself with a  jam packed schedule. As relaxing as following along with the latest Housewife drama can be, I feel so grateful for busy weekends. Busy weekends mean fun time with friends, good food, date nights and explorations around Omaha. And that is exactly what this weekend was.

I kicked off the weekend with a girls night at Wilson and Washburn with Hannah and Joanna. I got the chicken salad sandwich on a pretzel roll bun. Temperatures were in the negatives but we had a fun time chatting and eating delicious food. I want to take Josh here sometime soon.

The Joslyn Museum was having a members event this past weekend. Josh and I live only a block away so even though the weather was dreary we figured it would be fun to stop by. (We had our first snowfall of the season!) We had fun listening to the music and snacking on some desserts.

Josh and I had a dinner date at Baby Blue. Their veggie lettuce wraps are my favorite things on the menu. They are so full of flavor!

We discovered that the Whole Foods winter reusable bag is finally here after months of waiting for a new one to add to our reusable bag collection. I never used to use reusable bags, and never dreamed I’d ever get excited about one, but since I’ve started to use them I totally get the benefits. We take our reusable bags with us every time we go shopping. They’re cute, easier to carry, and help the environment!

Josh and I did a ton of Christmas decorating this weekend. We are almost done with Christmas-ifying our entire apartment.! Yay! I don’t know what we’re going to do when this holiday’s over, we have so much holiday stuff!!

In other holiday news, we got our Christmas cards in the mail! My next big challenge is to address and mail them all before December 25th. We’re so happy with how they turned out, we got them when Groupon was running a special. It pays to bargain hunt!

Question of the Day: What were you up to this weekend?


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