A New York City Museum Crawl

Hopefully you got to soak up some gorgeous sunshine yesterday! In between rain clouds the sun peeked out over here and it was incredible. I felt like a plant growing in the sun wanting to dance in all that happiness. I’m SO ready for spring!

Last week the weather was not so nice while we were in NYC but we still enjoyed it none the less. Central Park is gorgeous any time of year. Over the weekend we ended up doing a museum crawl so I thought I’d share my pictures. NYC museums are such a treasure and are places I highly recommend visiting.

The Met:

The Met is my favorite museum in NYC. It just has the kind of stuff I enjoy looking at.

There was an amazing exhibit where they had the articles of clothing the subject wore in the painting restored and on display right next to the painting. It was so incredible to be able to see exactly what the person wore as they posed for their pictures.

I just love the way this piece pops. According to the blurb next to the painting this piece is trying to make a statement about how fabulous the French women look and how ho-hum the men look. If that is ho-hum I can’t imagine fancy.

My favorite art piece in the entire world. Since learning about Impressionism in high school French class I’ve always loved Degas and his blue ballerinas. I want to buy a print of this some day.

Another Degas piece I love.

The Museum of the City of New York:

I LOVED the exhibits in this museum. When we visited there was one on the housing shortage in NYC featuring creative ideas to save space. There was also an eye opening exhibit on prejudice and prosecution in NYC, and a feature on the Worlds Fair.

The Museum just felt like NYC.

Target put on an exhibit featuring 60’s and 70’s fashion. It was fun to look at but it makes me SO glad to be wearing the fashions that exist today.

Our last museum stop was at the Guggenheim. I was so excited to finally go inside this building. Through school and family trips I’ve been able to visit the Met quite a few times but have never made it here.

I’m not a super contemporary arts fan but I loved the architecture and how you see the exhibits by walking around in a circle. We decided to start at the top and work our way down.

Probably my favorite piece in the museum. I learned a whole lot about different ways people paint and weird, strange things that influence them to do so. haha Josh and I had fun trying to guess what messages the pictures were trying to convey before we read the info on the side of the paintings.

It was such a fun weekend with friends and the Museum Crawl was a rousing success! I’m so glad we got to take advantage of some of the amazing museums NYC has to offer. I definitely learned a lot!

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite museum you’ve ever been to?


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    I’ve never been to a NYC museum. Someday, I hope. I have been to the Louvre, though, and it is amazing. I actually prefer the Musee d’Orsay because of its huge collection of Impressionist and post Impressionst paintings. Lots of Degas there!

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    My all time favorite museum is the Getty in Malibu,CA! The fountains, the art and the cafe just make it a spectacular place especially on a cool summer day. Your adventure looks like a ton of fun, art is so inspiring to me and sparks my creativity! Hope your week ROCKS :) Love + Shine CourtStar

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