A Weekend House Party

Farro with spinach, red pepper, onions, and goat cheese anyone?

Josh and I made this for dinner Friday night after a long work week. I was so excited to get to see him and enjoy some delicious food. Friday night we also went for our first couple run together in a long time. We ran/walked a 5k and it felt good to accomplish after running so little all winter. I was slowed down a lot not by my legs or my stamina or my lungs but (tmi) tons of mucus. Has anyone else had this happen when they run? I’ve never had to spit so much. I’m figure it’s probably a mix of allergies and runner’s asthma. This is my first time running in the spring and I’m hoping it’s not always like this. Does anyone have any tips or tricks?

Saturday we ended up at a party hosted by Josh’s faculty to celebrate all the achievements in the program. It was such a fun time getting to hang out with everyone. I got to see Josh host improv, which was a blast, and Lily drew a caricature. She is really talented; I’m trying to convince her to draw Josh and me. 😀

There was so much good food.  I tried my first piece of shrimp and was surprised how it tasted like nothing. I didn’t mind it, but it would definitely take some getting used to. I did like how it was all protein. I’m thinking of maybe incorporating it into some salads in the future.

After the party Lily, Sharon, Josh, and I went to Adam’s Apple for some drinks. It was fun getting to hang out and chat.

Somehow when Josh and I are in downtown State College at night, we always end up finding ourselves at tasty restaurants. After the bar we meandered over to Mad Mex for their late night half price specials. Josh got this delicious veggie burrito.

While I snacked on a yummy veggie quesadilla. This picture is very deceiving, it was chock full of the most wonderful mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, onions, and cheese.

It was a really fun night and after our Saturday adventures we decided to start Sunday on a relaxing note. We did couple’s Pilates and I did a little ten minute meditation session. I’ve read so much about the power of meditation and I’m hoping to incorporate it into my regular routine.

Josh was wonderful and made delicious pancakes for Sunday brunch. Afterwards we lounged and worked on school work. Josh graded papers while I worked on my last PowerPoint. I’m so close to being done!

For dinner we went to Panera. I haven’t been in forever and I really wanted to taste their new pasta. I got the pesto ravioli dish and it was fabulous. I also got the fuji apple chicken salad minus the chicken. It made for a really tasty dinner. I took the apple home and dipped it in some Nutella.

And that was our weekend. It was fun and productive and relaxing all at once. This week is finishing up the last odds and ends of schoolwork I have before finals week starts the week after that. I’m so excited to be graduating!

Questions of the Day: What was the highlight of your weekend? Have you tried Panera’s pasta yet? Have you ever had trouble with too much mucus while running?


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    Looks like you all had a great weekend. As for the running and mucus, I’ve been having similar issues this spring too. I’m chalking it up to allergies. My allergies have been out of control this season so far and I think it’s definitely impacted my breathing and my sinuses!

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      I hope the allergens clear up soon! I’m optimistic, I ran today and had very little excess mucus. Fingers crossed that one run was just a fluke!

  2. says

    I sometimes have the same problem you did with running, and in fact this spring I’ve had that problem with all types of cardio whether indoor or out. I’m always stopping to grab a tissue and blow my nose. I think the pollen is particularly bad this year.

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      I feel like I’m allergic to all the dander and pollen in the air. I’m on three allergy meds, it’s ridiculous!

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    That back patio is gorgeous! Isn’t it nice to have weather where we can be outside like that?

    On the mucus issue…spring is just awful for it, whether you have allergies or not. I ran a half marathon yesterday and literally choked on it at one point. It will get better in the summer, but until then, expect a lot of snot! ; )

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      Aww thanks Jessie! I feel really fortunate to have a partner who I love to spend time with and who loves to spend time with me!

  4. says

    I have runs where my nose seems liquid and I’m spitting all the time. I have exercise induced asthma too and I think it’s important to keep everything clear so I am hacking the whole run. As for your nose my advice is snot rockets. Much more convenient than stopping for tissue :-)

  5. says

    I think that is the norm this time of the year. It is esepcially hard on me with allergies and asthma. The pics are making me hungry btw!

  6. says

    What a beautiful weekend you had!! I feel really stuffed up here on the east coast and definitely had the mucus problem yesterday during my half. I don’t really have any solutions besides don’t be afraid to spit!

  7. says

    Highlight of my weekend was relaxing on the beach with my husband.
    I have had a lot of runny noses when running, especially in colder climates. Sometimes some nasty mucus, too. But, so far, out in Hawaii, I haven’t experienced that.
    Looks like you had a great weekend!

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      I would LOVE to be relaxing on a beach right now. haha When I was in Hawaii for the summer my allergies cleared up considerably. I didn’t even have to take some of my allergy meds. Maybe Omaha will have that effect? haha I can hope!

  8. says

    too much mucus when running…yes! My nose runs or I spend a good chunk of my run coughing and clearing my throat. Are you going to write a post telling how to get rid of it? I’ve tried post nasal drip inhalers, no luck there!

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      If I find a way to get rid of it I’ll definitely write a post on it! haha It’s weird because I ran today and had hardly any excess mucus. Bodies are strange things. haha

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      And they’re fabulous!! I was shocked at how good they were since Panera is not a pasta place. I think they’re trying to take on Olive Garden.

  9. says

    I didn’t know Panera had pasta!

    I went for my first outdoor run of the season and did about 5K as well. It was BRUTAL! I’ve been killing it at the gym and on the treadmill, but that was a huge reality kick. It took me much longer than normal and wow, it was intense.

    Definitely different, but refreshing.

    xoxo Jackie

    • says

      Way to get out there and run!! I always tell myself when I’m having a hard run (which is like all the time) that I’m still faster than the people on the couch.

  10. Lauren says

    My favorite way to eat shrimp is in a big stir fry. I try not to eat pasta too often but shrimp scampi is also good! Try buying the frozen uncooked peeled & deveined shrimp at Wegmans. It’s $9.99 for a pound and I get probably 10 stir-frys out of it.

    • says

      I’ve heard so many good things about shrimp scampi! Thanks for the heads up on the Wegmans frozen shrimp! I’ll have to get that!

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