A weekend in pictures

A fun night with girlfriends getting dinner at Marks and dessert at ECreamery. ECreamery’s Irish Cream ice cream is the bomb dot com.

Our running buddy Gizmo. Josh and I were running a 5k around Regency when this little guy trotted up to me and started covering me in kisses. Thankfully he had tags and we were able to find his owners. He was loving his little adventure. I’m so glad we were able to reunite him with his parents, but hanging out with him for a little while really gave me puppy longing. I want to adopt all the animals in the world and spend my days loving them.

My dream house that I always look forward to running past. Do I realize I’m a creeper for stopping and taking pictures? 100% But I love this house and really want to live there one day. It’s just such a happy house. Unfortunately, you need more than happiness to be able to afford it, but never say never!

My favorite breakfast combo. I seriously look forward to eating this every morning.

The salad bar of my dreams. I get the same meal every weekend at Whole Foods when we go grocery shopping. #imsopredictable

A weekend of coat free weather. It felt so good to not be bundled up. Spring, please never leave me.

A soup and sushi date night with my wonderful husband at Crave. This combination may sound gross but it was delicious! I loved the avocado veggie rolls I got.

And before I forget, congratulations to the winner of the Le Creuset Griddle giveaway: Ashley C! I’ll be emailing you today to get your information for Stonyfield!

Question of the Day: What were you up to this weekend?


  1. says

    ((SQUINTS)) is that a BOSTON TERRIER?
    I love me some boston terriers :-)
    I wanna get another dog…for a sidekick for my current dog and it would be a boston terrier…

  2. says

    glad you were able to find his owners – my worst fear is zoey getting out of the house!! and that house is gorgeous – no shame in stopping to dream and snap a photo hehe

  3. says

    Erin I love the post in pics today…!! Nice change for a blog post. No you are not creepy or a stalker for taking pics of the house…If I were out running with you, we would be looking in a window or over the fence !!! LOL :)

  4. says

    Wow Can I move into that house? That looks gorgeous! I have some large houses in my neighborhood that I love to check out when I run. It’s so fun dreaming of a different life, but then remembering my life is pretty great :) Awesome weekend it looks like!

    • says

      Exactly! Even if I never get to live there I know I have an incredibly blessed life. I just do hope to get to live in that neighborhood one day! haha

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