An Eventful Weekend

Thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s post. I love that you guys are tea fans too. I alluded to my weekend yesterday, but thought I would do a post recapping what I’ve been up to.

Chicken curry from Marrakech, a red velvet cupcake from Jones Bros, and Divergent with my girlfriends. Ignore all the bad things you’ve heard about this movie. If you’re a fan of the books you will love it. I left the movie theater craving the next one.

On Saturday I headed to Stories Coffeehouse for Omaha Bloggers’ March meetup. Our theme for the month was storytelling and we spent our meeting discussing how we cultivate unique, authentic voices on our blogs.

If you’re in the Omaha area and are looking for a place to get some work done or have a creative space to write, I can’t recommend Stories enough. It has such an awesome vibe and serves delicious food. Check out my chicken, avocado, and strawberry salad.

Sunday was Molly’s bridal shower with her side of the family. It was at the Field Club of Omaha and was so much fun. The place is gorgeous and the food is amazing. I’m getting so excited for Molly’s wedding. It’s only a few weeks away!

Monday after work Josh and I headed to the Holland Center for the Omaha Performing Arts 2014/2015 season preview. We were treated to food, drinks, performances from Motown that had me dancing along to the music, and a dance lesson from the Rockettes! There were also lots of fun picture opportunities. The Performing Arts Center knows how to make an announcement. We are so excited for all the upcoming shows!

And that was my my life these past few days. I’m headed off to St. Louis for work today, but I still plan on keeping up my regular blogging schedule.

Question of the Day: What was a highlight of your weekend?


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    Looks like someone had a wonderful weekend! I am very jealous! So many delicious eats in this post! Weddings are so much fun, I have two in the summer, and cant wait!

    My weekend involved lots of New York Traffic, and standing in the rain at a track meet, not the funnest thing in the world, but my athletes appreciated it :)

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