Balancing It All

Coming home after a long day to these two cute little faces is one of my favorite things. Their whole bodies shake they’re so excited and they cover me in slobbery puppy kisses and cuddle up next to me on the couch. It is the perfect way to relax after a long day!

In the past four days I have worked 44 hours. I know a lot of people work a lot more but I am not used to it. My internship is a lot of fun and I’m learning a ton but it is tiring and exhausting. I have to give these Calvin Klein shoes a major shout out. I was on my feet in them all day yesterday and they did not cause me any pain or give me any blisters. That is a major thing for me. Almost all shoes seem to hurt my feet in some way. I love how they have extra padding throughout the entire shoe, I think that really makes a difference.

My boss took Kayla (the other intern) and I out to Bullfrog Brewery yesterday for lunch. It was a lot of fun getting to know him and ask him questions and have some good food all at the same time. I thought that was really nice of him! I didn’t take any pictures of lunch because I didn’t want to be weird but I got a veggie panini and sweet potato fries. It was soo good!

I totally get why people who work a lot can eat like crap. When your job is go go go the entire day you can go six hours without food and then are absolutely starving. The thought of things like Doritos or fast food seems very appealing when your stomach is growling and you are too tired to want to do anything besides sit down and fall fast asleep. I totally get how falling into those bad eating habits can happen, but I’m not going to let it happen to me. Though I have been eating Doritos in the office because someone keeps sharing a huge bag I make a giant green protein smoothie for breakfast, come home for oatmeal at lunch, and then make a breakfast burrito for dinner. I still have to learn how to plan out healthy snacks and find good, quick, filling foods for eating on the go. I also have to figure out how to plan exercise into my day. I wake up at six, am out the door by 7:20, and then get home around 6:45-7:00. I know I need to work out but its so hard to plan when.

I also have to learn how to balance blogging while juggling my job. To go from working ~4 hours a week to 55 this week is a big adjustment. I want to blog so badly but when I get home am completely exhausted and am in bed by ten. Also since I’m running around nonstop since 7:30 am there’s no real material for me to photograph to blog about. Next week I head back to the city for another busy week of training but after that it should start slowing down again. Its so weird because the days fly by so fast at work, which I really like. I have never worked a job before where I’m not looking at the clock at some point, bored and waiting to go home. I feel like the days are blurring together! Thanks for sticking with me as I figure all this out, I promise that while I may be a little sporadic at the moment I’m not going anywhere! To think that this is only the first week of the internship, I can’t imagine where it will go from here! I’ll make sure to keep you guys in the loop on all of it. :)

Question of the Day: How do you manage your job and personal life and blog? I get to see Josh tomorrow for the first time in two weeks and I can’t wait! Also, what are some of your favorite quick and easy, healthy snacks? I really need to stop eating those damn Doritos!


  1. says

    I’m still learning how to manage it all!

    I work a long day (it’s supposed to be 9-5, but today I was there until 6:30) and am still struggling with my eating and exercise habits. Let’s be honest, adding a long work day, plus a long commute does NOT mean you will have time or energy to work out.

    I’ve been trying to find other ways to be active AND enjoy the weather. If I don’t want to go to the gym, I try to go for a jog or something. I also just started softball yesterday, and playing on two teams will keep me even more busy (and tired at night).

    I haven’t been blogging lately because I’ve barely had time to read the ones I follow.

    No advice, but I can relate! The first couple weeks are always crazy. I literally did not know how I’d function in this job, but you DO get used to the craziness :)

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      Its so good to hear about getting used to it. Josh says the same thing, that with time you adjust and get used to the schedule, I’m really excited for that to happen! Thanks so much for the support girly! <3

      Yeah blogging is definitely going to be a challenge, just because I don’t know what to bog about when I really can’t blog about most of my work stuff because its private and not something most people would find interesting anyways. Starting in two weeks I will be working 4 days a week instead of the current five so I hope to get to write out a few blog posts on my day off to post throughout the week!

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    Ah, office life. At my work, we are bombarded with baked goods. Ever single day. Its so hard to say no to! Im with you on the struggle to work out. I find that walking my dog is easy to do. Not the best workout ever, but definitely better than nothing. Sometimes we’ll take him to the dog park and chase him around lol. So much easier to run when there’s a dog involved!

    Even though its crazy now, im sure you’ll adjust in no time! :-)

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      That’s a good idea about the puppy park, mine absolutely love it, and it doesnt even feel like exercise! Thanks so much for the encouragement girly, I really appreciate it! 😀

  3. Lauren says

    It takes time! It’s refreshing to read a blogger who has the same struggles I do- I read all these blogs where people aren’t working fulltime 9-5 jobs, going to school part time, and supporting themselves like I am. It’s about the little things. I find even getting up half an hour earlier and doing a TIU or Blogilates video on youtube is helpful!

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      That’s a good idea about the half an hour! Even a little bit helps! Thanks so much girly, I really appreciate the encouragement and support! <3

  4. says

    Balance is hard! And as crazy as this might seem, once I stopped trying to balance, my life kind of balanced out naturally. Sure, I have hectic days from time to time, but for the most part I just focus on doing what I can and having fun with the ones I love. Hope you can find some down time/blog time! :)

    • says

      This is such great advice, thank you so much! I’m definitely working on figuring out a better down time/ blog time schedule!

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