Breaking the Sweat Fast

1. I worked out today for the first time in a long time and it felt so. good. I hate that I get really good about working out daily and then I get busy doing something or go on vacation and suddenly its been a month since I’ve got in a good workout. When I’m doing it I always love it and feel so good about myself, I can never remember why I stopped. Do you guys have any good tips for staying motivated? Having cute outfits for pilates and dance workouts always help! 😀

2. Diane (my step-mom) and I went to see Titanic in 3D last night and it was awesome. IMO it was definitely worth paying to see something I’ve already seen a million times. The 3D made it feel like you’re right there as the ship goes down and the story of Jack and Rose is one of my favorite love stories. <3 Diane and I totally forgot how long the movie was and were shocked when we checked our phones and saw it was 12:30am when the credits started rolling.

3. Something really exciting happened today! Diane saw there was going to be a one day special on QVC for Vitamix’s new Creations Elite. We have been wanting one for forever and were so excited to see it marked down over $100! One is on its way to our house right now and I cannot wait. I’ve already went out and bought ingredients for all the recipes I want to make in it. Do you guys have any favorite Vitamix recipes? Three minute soups and two minute ice creams sound so appealing!

4. Josh and I have been wanting to get into coupon-ing to save money on grocery expenses. I have a cousin who is insanely good at it, she buys a tables worth of food for like $1.87. I don’t know that I’ll ever get that good but I flipped through the coupons in Sunday’s paper for the first time ever today and saw a coupon for a free Starbucks Refreshers. I was already going to the store anyway to stock up on Vitamix supplies so I figured I might as well try this drink out. I poured half into a new mug I got from TJMaxx and gave the other half to my dad. It was really good! I’m not a big juice drinker so this will probably be the last one for me but I think I got my dad hooked.

5. Today was sauce making day in our house. Every few weeks Diane whips up a huge batch of her homemade sauce and then freezes tupperware containers full of it for the upcoming weeks. I have gotten spoiled eating this sauce, I keep on telling her I have to learn how to do it before I graduate and move so that I never have to used canned sauce. Its so good, especially on top of her eggplant parm like she made tonight. I’m already so excited for leftovers tomorrow!

5. In between cleaning and doing ten bajillion loads of laundry this weekend I have been watching marathon sessions of Modern Family. I don’t know how I am just now starting to watch this show, its SO funny. Gloria cracks me up.

And now its time for Once Upon A Time! Josh is traveling home from San Diego right now so I’m watching it by myself tonight. Are any of you fans of Once Upon A Time? Any theories on how this season is going to end? Things are getting SO good!


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    I find that cute workout gear definitely helps, and so does some sort of accountability. If I write out my workouts (or share them with a friend or readers), it helps– write it down, make it happen. P.S. Modern Family is just the best. :)

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      Thank you! I’ll have to write my workouts down more, and tell my friends I want them to yell at me if I start skipping workouts! haha

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    Thanks for sharing! Glad you’re getting your sweat on again! I gotta do that tomorrow… AMAZING about the Vitamix! I’d love one but they’re so expensive. You got a great deal!

    And enjoy Modern Fam. It’s ma faaave

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      It is such a funny show! I have no idea how I didn’t start watching it until now.

      And thanks so much! It was such a great deal, I have big plans for that Vitamix! 😀

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    I feel you on the working out! I find that I have some weeks that I’m so good about working out and then other weeks where I just completely stop going.

    I know I feel so much better when I do work out, but sometimes life gets in the way for me and that makes me get lazy.

    Also- LOVE Modern Family. I think I laugh out loud at least once per episode!

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      Yes, I need to get better about getting in a routine and staying on it. I’m hoping you guys can help keep me motivated!

      I haven’t laughed so much during a show in a long time. Modern Family is SO funny!

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        I don’t know if you have an iphone/ipad, but last week I discovered “myfitnesspal.” I may be late to the party, but I think it helps keep me more aware of what I am eating and how active I am.

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