Connecticut Bound

Happy Friday! I hope it’s a wonderful day for you! Today Josh and I are traveling to New Haven, CT to spend a long weekend with his parents. Every fall they pick a weekend where they take out all their fall decorations and make the house festive for the upcoming holidays. They really go all out with decorations, and the house always looks so beautiful. It’s called Fall Frolic and it is such an awesome tradition. I feel so grateful to get to be a part of it.

Last year was my first Fall Frolic and I had the best time. I am so excited for this year’s festivities, I know it’s going to be a blast. Debbie and I have a lot of wedding planning to discuss! 😀

The four of us last summer at Josh’s Masters graduation. I am so lucky to have not only found such an incredible guy but such an amazing set of second parents. Debbie and John are some of the most loving people I know and I am so happy to be becoming a part of their family!

Josh and I won’t be getting back to State College until late Monday night so you can expect recaps of our weekend on Tuesday morning. In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend!

Question of the Day: Do you decorate for the holidays? I can’t wait until Josh and I have a house and we can decorate together! It is something I’ve always wanted to do.


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    a church near us always does a pumpkin patch and has great pumpkins for sale. as soon as they open, i will be buying quite a few pumpkins and decorating my front porch. enjoy your weekend.

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    i absolutely ADORE decorating for ANYTHING!! parties, holidays, picnics.. i don’t care what it is! i love decorations!! safe travels and spa love!!!

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    I love decorating for the holidays :) We dont have a house, well we rent one. So we dont go all out in terms of decor, but we do get kind of crazy!! I love making my decor, so I DIY things a lot like wreaths :)

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      I LOVE decorating! It’s so much fun, no matter what the space is. I want to get better at DIY decorations, they’re always so adorable!

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