December 2013 PopSugar Must Have Box Review

There is something about subscription boxes that are so appealing to me. It’s like those mystery bags you would get at Claires when you’re little. You never know what will be inside, and while usually a lot of it isn’t stuff you really need or want, sometimes you strike it big and get the coolest thing ever.

I don’t even know where I first heard about PopSugar Must Have Boxes but I liked the concept. Spend $40 ($5 off your first box when using a referral link and entering the code REFER5), get a box with cool things worth way more than that picked out by fashion and beauty editors. You can buy just one month or subscribe for multiple months and save money. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I decided to try it for just a month at first and see what happens.

I was so excited for this box to come. I have a ridiculous love of mail. I thought this box was packaged up super cute.

I immediately saw popcorn and got excited. Everything was arranged really neatly, with a little book explaining what was inside and why the editors picked it.

The CC Made Caramel Corn was a win. I see this stuff at Sur La Table for $6 and always want to try it but never want to spend that much money. It is really good!

The Ghirardelli squares were all presents for Josh. I only really like dark chocolate and this was all white and milk chocolate so I passed.

The Govino Go Anywhere Flutes are plastic champagne glasses. Josh and I have looked into the wine glass version of these before (since we’re not that classy and really don’t drink champagne all that much) for in the summer when we go to Jazz on the Green. Now that we have these instead we’re planning on using these for wine. It’s a cup, it should work.

This Model Co Fibre Lashxtend Mascara has added lash fibers that are supposed to give you a false-lash effect with all the heaviness. The concept sounds great, but I haven’t tried it yet since I’m still rocking my Clinique mascara. I like to keep it simple.

The NCLA Peppermint Lane Nail Wraps are a super cute idea, and are festive holiday colors. I’m sure I would love them but I haven’t used them because I have baby hands and the littlest nails in the world. I’ll probably gift these to someone.

Mixt Studio Holiday Gifting Set. The wrapping paper is adorable but it was packaged so nicely I didn’t want to open it. Next year, I will wrap some presents with this! ;p

This Lulu Frost for PopSugar bracelet is selling for $110 on their website. While I love that they put such a good deal in the Must Have Box this bracelet is not my style at all. Thankfully, through the magic that is the internet I found a PopSugar Must Have Box trading website. I ended up trading this bracelet. We simply sent each others packages out with tracking numbers and let each other know when we received them. It was super simple.

I got this adorable love necklace instead! This is much more my style. It was featured in the Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box. I would have bought that box in a heartbeat but they were sold out by the time I found out about PopSugar. This Shy by Sydney Evan love necklace with diamond bezel is selling for $125 on the Neiman Marcus website. This alone made the box worth it to me as I have been wearing this necklace all the time.

So what did I think? I liked the box, I didn’t love it, but there were enough things in there that I loved that it was worth the money to me. The total value of the box was $185.95.

I’m definitely going to do a January box and see what I think of that before deciding if I want to subscribe for the long term, or just pick a month here and there for some fun mailbox goodies. If you want to give the PopSugar Must Have Box a try just click here. I’d love to hear what you think!

Questions of the Day: Have you ever gotten a PopSugar Must Have Box? Does it sound like something you would enjoy?


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    Never even heard of a Pop Sugar Box, but of course they jumped on the bandwagon 😉 I have to say, their box looks far more legit then some of the other ones I have seen and I love that they gave you wrapping paper!

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    Now that is an awesome box! I am actually reviewing two other boxes in my post today! I had never heard of this one and I actualy really like it for the chocolate benefits! These boxes are so popular lately> I need to figure which ones are worth the splurge!

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    I’ve never heard of this before, but wow! That’s a lot of great goodies. Ever since the PVBody bait&switch thing, I’ve been wary of monthly services.

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    I have subscribed to this box for a year and feel like I feel this way about the boxes most months. I’m going to let January be my last month unless it really blows me out of the water. I saw the bracelet and was like, Hm, cute, but not something I would have bought. I think I’ll end up just saving the $35 for something else. BUT! I didn’t know that there was a trading website. If I had known that I probably would have been doing that all along. That popcorn, though, was amazing.

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