Dining Out

Hey all! Happy hump day! Thanks for all the comments in yesterday’s post letting me know I’m not alone in eating the exact same things over and over again nearly every day. I’m a creature of habit, what can I say? Another habit Josh and I have gotten into when we’re not making meals together is dining out. State College has so many wonderful restaurants, Josh and I have made it our mission to try as many as possible before we leave next year. Saturday was brutally hot so we stayed indoors all day. Sunday’s weather was finally more bearable so we wore some light clothes and walked downtown for an afternoon of fun.

We were walking downtown when Josh saw this big fluffy puppy and had to lean over and pet him. Isn’t he adorable? ;p

To start off our night we stopped at Cafe 210 which Josh has been raving about for a while. We were going to do outdoor seating but we were super hot from the long walk and there were two smokers sitting outside so we decided to sit by the windows in the air conditioning looking over the street instead. It’s all good to me and the air conditioner felt amazing.

Everyone raves about Mondays being the best day for deals at pubs and bars but Sundays are pretty sweet too. Say hello to our $2 plate of nachos!

And the best margarita I’ve ever had that was only $3! They made it with Jose Cuervo and orange juice and it was amazing. It tasted nothing like a normal margarita (which is probably why I liked it) and was so refreshing and yummy on a sunny day.

Our $5 veggie fajitas. The guacamole was weirdly watery but the mushrooms were cooked to perfection. I could eat those all day. I can’t believe I used to hate mushrooms, I’m obsessed with them now!

After eating Mexican food at Cafe 210 for lunch we did what any normal people would do and walked around for a little bit and window shopped before heading over to another Mexican place for some dinner. Josh and I went to Mad Mex on my 21st birthday and had the best time so this place will always be really special to me.

We had no idea when we got there that their Sunday special is $1 tacos. Hello, heaven! They’re super stripped down in comparison to Mad Mex’s normal seasonings and flavorings but for $1 they were pretty amazing. I got two tofu hard shell tacos and a soft shell tofu taco. They were so so good. As was the corn Josh ordered lurking in the background of this picture. He was so sweet to let me steal a few bites! :)

Because we didn’t eat enough that day we decided to head over to Kiwi for some frozen yogurt. I am obsessed with this stuff. For that particular Kiwi trip I got the tropical berry flavor and cookie dough flavor yogurt. I cleaned my bowl it was so good!

It was an incredibly decadent, indulgent day and it was so perfect getting to spend it with Josh. The best part was we didn’t break the bank enjoying ourselves to the (literal) fullest. We’re big fans of going out to eat on Sundays now after seeing how many restaurants offer awesome specials.

Question of the Day: What’s the best food special you ever got?

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