DIY: Wedding Thumbprint Tree Guestbooks

These past few days I have been working, ordering new eyeglasses, trying to eat healthy, and watching Say Yes to the Dress episodes like its my job. Besides a scary tornado in my town this afternoon and a three hour power outage nothing too notable has been going on here. While browsing online today I came across a super adorable guest book idea I wanted to share with you guys.


Called a thumbprint tree this is an alternative idea for a guest book. Basically guests stamp their thumb on an ink pad and place a thumb print on one of the branches. You place baby wipes on the table so guests can clean their hands off afterwards and get back to dancing the night away! Then the wedding couple has a sweet momento to frame and remember their wedding day by.


I still love the idea of guests writing personalized notes, but I know a lot of people don’t know what to write or write the same old thing to every person, so in lieu of that I think it might be a great idea to have notecards next to the thumbprint tree for guests to write marriage advice and wisdom for the happy couple with a cute box for them to put their notes in. I feel like everyone loves to give advice and successfully married couples have a lot of knowledge to share with a newly married couple. We’re still in the planning phases of all of this but I definitely want to try and find some unique guest book ideas and see what Josh thinks of them.

I found this free wedding thumbprint template online and am absolutely in love with it. My hope is that it would be a fun thing for guests to do during our happy hour that would turn into a piece of art Josh and I would get to treasure forever.

Question of the Day: Have you been to a wedding that has done a wedding thumbprint tree? Did guests like it?


  1. says

    a good friend of mine did something similar and it was a huge hit!! plus they could instantly hang it on the wall instead of just a book in a box. plus everyone comments when they see it in their house:)

  2. Jennifer says

    That sounds like a great idea!!!! I would totally steal it…but since I love ya…you get to keep your fabu idea and I have to come up with one of my own! LOL! I love this blog you have going! Keep in touch with me! I know my head is spinning…so I know yours must be too! Call me and we’ll have to make plans!

  3. Jessie says

    What type of paper would you use so that it is durable. I have heard to stay away from canvas….
    Is there also a type of ink anyone would recommend that is fast drying? Are the ink pads at michaels sufficient?

    • says

      We used high quality cardstock that Staples gave as an option to print on. And we used archival quality ink pads from Michaels. Everything worked great and 2 years later it’s framed hanging in our entry way looking great with no smudges! Just make sure you offer baby wipes so your guests can clean the ink off their hands after they stamp the paper!

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