Eating My Way Through Vegas

Hey guys! I’m getting ready to catch my flight home from NYC and I wanted to make sure to get a blog post up before I left continuing my Vegas recap. Today is all about the food. Oh man, the food. If you’re looking for a certain style of cuisine, it’s in Vegas. If you’re looking for beautiful restaurants, they’re in Vegas. If you’re looking for dive restaurants, they’re in Vegas. If you’re looking for people to serve you dressed up in costume or singing to you, it’s in Vegas. There are so many options for food I went by what looked good and what people had recommended to me. I am so happy with where I ate, everything was so delicious! There were a few more places I would have liked to try (like Mesa, although it seemed overpriced for what it was and had few veggie options), but I’ll save that for my next Vegas trip.

I got to Vegas hungry and exhausted. I somehow found myself in the Paris hotel at Le Burger Brasserie. I got a make your own veggie burger with spinach and goat cheese and it was really tasty. They make all their buns in house. The waitresses also serve you in full on lingerie attire.

While wandering through Paris I noticed La Creperie and ended up having a three cheese crepe for dinner. The picture doesn’t do it justice, it was fabulous.

I came back again another day and got a nutella, banana, and chocolate crepe. Again a case of horrible picture, amazing food.

Wandering around the strip one day I found myself out towards Encore. I was browsing around the casino when I saw a really cute restaurant called Society Cafe. The fact that they had a tub of Swedish Fish by the checkout instead of mints let me know this place would be a winner.

They brought out warm pretzel sticks and mustard butter. So good.

I got the veggie flatbread for lunch and it was so good. I was so excited to see they had a vegetarian/vegan menu posted. When I researched it more later I found out that Steve Wynn, owner of Wynn and Encore hotels, recently became a vegan. Because of this he added a vegetarian menu to every restaurant in his hotels. Some restaurants don’t have the menus posted so just make sure to ask.

Cait recommended Canyon Ranch to me and out of all the restaurants I went to it was my favorite. It’s tucked away by the spa in the Palazzo but it so worth the extra effort to get there. Everything is so fresh!

I enjoyed kale chips with homemade ranch dressing to start. I am obsessed with kale chips.

For my lunch I got a mushroom cap stuffed with quinoa, veggies and cheese. It was heaven.

I came back the next day for breakfast to fortify me for some shopping. I got one of their fruit smoothies, and I love that they make it purely by cutting up fruits and throwing them in the Vitamix. That is my kind of smoothie.

Breakfast another day was at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris. I loved dining al fresco and getting to see people pass by.

This was my favorite breakfast of the trip. Everything was so tasty! I got a spinach and cheese omelet with fresh squeezed orange juice. It came with hash browns, green beans, and delicious toast. I ate every bite.

In Hawaii I fell in love with Buca di Beppo. I remembered their walnut and apple salad being amazing. So when I passed by one in Vegas I immediately stopped for lunch. You can tell it has been a while since I went to Hawaii because my tastes are so different now. Iceburg lettuce and drowning in dressing, I did not feel like I was eating a meal. It’s crazy how tastes can change over time. I’m so glad mine have changed for the better.

Another night I found myself at Bartolotta in the Wynn for dinner. The restaurant was beautiful.

I ended up getting takeout because I needed to get ready for a show. I got their vegetarian custard with mushrooms and brussels sprouts. Two of my absolute favorite things! It was super tasty.

Late one night I ventured to Cosmopolitan to find and try their secret pizza I had heard so much about from Jen. It’s a restaurant with no name, no signage, and that if you ask hotel staff about they will deny exists. The secret is a little out of the bag though, as it has tons of reviews on Yelp and there were quite a few people ordering alongside of me. The secret part of the restaurant definitely added to the charm though.

I got a white pizza slice and it was phenomenal. The crust was crispy without being burned and the cheese was ooey and gooey. It was a perfect slice of pizza.

The Flamingo is directly across from Ceasers Palace and Serendipity 3. I had heard such good things about this place and saw it all the time so I knew I had to try it.

I got their triple layer grilled cheese and tomato soup. The sandwich was massive and delicious and the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had.

Brunch one morning was at Bouchon. I had heard such good things about this restaurant I knew I had to check it out.

I got the French toast and loved it. It didn’t look anything like I expected it to but it tasted phenomenal.

Sam got the waffles and I had to take a picture because this was the other menu item I was deciding between. Hers was even tastier than mine.

I went back to Bouchon cafe (a separate little shop outside the restaurant) to pick up a macaroon one night. I love macaroons and this one did not disappoint.

Lunch one day was at ‘wichcraft. Every time I’m in NYC I pass this place and so when I had the opportunity to try it in Vegas I was really excited. I got a sweet potato and goat cheese sandwich and it was so good.

Just like my trip started with a burger it also ended with one. I had my second blog date! I met up with Katy Beth, a super sweet blogger I met through Foodie Penpals. We have a lot in common (like our love of Disney and running) so I was so excited for a chance to get to meet up and get to chat. She recommended The Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay and it was fabulous. I got a veggie burger and the best sweet potato fries.

It was so great getting to catch up and girl chat. I wish she didn’t live across the country so we could hang out more!

And that was my food in Vegas! Exploring the restaurants and choosing the dishes was such an adventure and so much fun. I love eating my way through cities and Vegas has so many good things to eat! Time to go finish packing and grab breakfast so I don’t miss my flight!

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite restaurant in Vegas? Or where do you really want to eat in Vegas?


  1. says

    That grilled cheese looks phenomenal. I love Vegas food. There is a Mesa in NYC, that I want to try. Also, I noticed a lot of people who have switched to self-hosted, the option to have email responses on the comment notification is gone (your blog too) does that make sense? Lol Have a great weekend Erin!

    • says

      Ohh there’s a Mesa in NYC? I did not know that! Hmm I’m not sure what the deal is with the blog notification comments. I’ve been self hosted since I started this blog. I did just update my comment notification system, maybe the new version got rid of the email response option? Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Mallory says

    This was awesome! I haven’t tried any of those places, but want to eat at Mon Ami so much. I’m a huge Vegas addict. I really love Margaritaville, they actually have a pretty decent brunch, and the fried pickles at BLT burger!!!! Yum!

  3. says

    i favorited this post on twitter forever ago to remember to read it and clearly that didn’t work but here i am drooling and dying and missing las vegas aka my fave place to travel ever. i have always wanted to eat at that cafe outside the paris to watch the people go by. once i sat outside the mexican place next door and ordered a $10 margarita just to get a table and people watch hahaha. holy freaking crap the pretzel sticks with mustard butter, i’m dying. i’m dying over everything actually. vegas is a foodie heaven and no one really realizes that! i’m so glad you loved canyon ranch grille. i just knew you would!


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