Five Facts Friday 3

Happy Friday! Another week has come and gone. Its been a great one but I’m ready for some R&R.

1. I have been so exhausted all week and dealing with not so fun headaches. Monday and Tuesday I got in great workouts but Wednesday I came home and immediately went to sleep after work. I was so tired, and only woke up to go to bed. Thursday I had a work event in the evening and didn’t want to push it after not feeling great on Wednesday so I took another rest day. I’m planning to get in a spin class tonight  after work and see how I feel about working out on Saturday. If I feel up to it, great. If not, no biggie. My fitness goals are about the long term. I’m not going to let myself get stressed over short-term hurdles.

2. I am loving this song. My barre instructor plays it during her classes and it is so perfect for doing those micromovements. The beat keeps you inspired to keep going even after you lose feeling in your legs.

3. The 9 most epic texting pranks of all time. I died reading these. Too funny.

4. Mohawk kitty! I can’t even handle the cuteness.

5. Josh and I are doing our first 5k tethered together. You read that right, Lincoln is doing a Kicks ‘n Kisses 5k  couples run for Valentines Day. Joanna and Jeff are running it too and were the ones to tell us about it. We are so excited to make a day out of it and explore Lincoln together after our race. As excited as I am for the Valentine themed race, I’m even more excited for the shirts. How awesome are they?

Question of the Day: What’s something on your mind this Friday?


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