Five Facts Friday 4

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1. This has been a rough week for me. During the day Monday my throat suddenly became very sore. The rest of me felt fine and I worried it was strep, until my head and ears decided to join the pain party. I went to the Doctor after work today and found out that while I don’t have strep, I do have something viral. I alternate between feeling fine and feeling like a hoarse, exhausted mess. Josh and I have a lot of fun plans for this weekend and I’m worried I’ll have to cancel. I’m going to do everything in my power to feel better, but if I’m not I’d rather not expose people to my germs.

2. This is revolutionary to me. Of course I see it when I am probably the least stressed I’ve ever been in my life. ;p Oh well. Now I know for the future.

3. Not cool Team Canada. But I’m sure Shawn White would have Tweeted the same thing when he was 19… if Twitter had been around. ;p

4. I have been on such a good streak of working out six times a week and feeling great about myself. And then this week I’ve felt so crappy I’ve worked out once but my appetite has been up. When I went to the Doctor I’m two pounds above what I was when I started working out. I know my body is changing and it’s a long process but it’s frustrating to not see that hard work convert to numbers on the scale.

5. Do you guys remember my Koss Fit Series review? I love these headphones and seriously use them every day. Well I just got an update from the FitFluential campaign that Walgreens is running a sale on all styles and colors for $19.99 each. I’m not sure how long the sale is running til but wanted to make sure I gave you guys a heads up. This is a seriously good deal!

Question of the Day: What are you up to this Friday? When I get home from work I plan on sleeping a lotttt.


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    I can totally relate. I started a new job on Monday and have been too exhausted to work out this week and I feel AWFUL about it! I hope you feel better soon!

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    SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP!!! Oh, and NEVER trust a scale at the doctor’s office….mine always says I am 5 pounds over what my scale and the gym scale say.

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    I have loved my Koss headphones- especially because I realized that they fit my mophie case without needing the extender –yay for the little things that make life easier!

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    Unfortunately, NBC did a deservice to Shaun White with the documentary Russia Calling. Unfortunately while he was good he was struggling through the whole thing especially the slopes. Still, Shaun White always rebounds back. And I’ll be cheering for him!

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    I’m the same way the more I work out the hungrier I get!!! I try and keep fresh fruit and veggies around and ready for when this happens, especially right after a work out…don’t let the scale discourage you…keep it up :)

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    Try not to be too hard on yourself.
    Your usual routine is great and working and a week away will not negate all of your successes!
    Ignore that number on the scale; who is it to dictate your self worth!
    Feel better and get back to it.

    (PS And love that you stayed away from the gym to protect other people’s health; so important!)

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    I just posted about the same thing. I started training for my half marathon this week and you wouldn’t be able to tell from the numbers. I HATE being sick! But better now than in the middle of things, I guess. Hope you feel better soon.

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