Five Facts Friday 5

I can’t believe it’s already Friday again! Time is flying. It’s time for another Five Facts Friday!

1. I am itching to get back into a workout routine so badly! The only workout I’ve done in the last few weeks was the 5k last weekend. It was so brutal I ended up taking more time off from exercise than I anticipated. Aside from having the husky voice of a man, dealing with left ear pain, and a slight residual cough, I’m almost back to full health. I’m hoping this weekend to start incorporating some workouts back into my life.

2. I’m also going to get lots of sleep this weekend. I literally want to pass out like that puppy everyday when I get home from work and just sleep and sleep and sleep. Aside from a dinner date with girlfriends this weekend and a wine and chocolate date with Josh I have no plans and could not be happier!

3. When I haven’t been working or sleeping Josh and I have been up to some fun stuff this week. We went to a mixology class at Parliament Pub. We  learned how to make some awesome Ghost Manhattans from a pro. It was a fun after-work date. :)

4. Hannah came over last night and made veggie burgers with us for dinner! We tried out Neat burger mix that I was sent in the mail and absolutely loved it. It was easy to make, filled with quality ingredients, and paired perfectly with a pretzel bun. We had very happy stomachs.

5. I love classical music and have a soft spot for The Piano Guys. I walked down the aisle to their rendition of 1000 years and still can’t think about it without getting teary. Pair that with my obsession with the Disney movie Frozen and you have a song I’m sure to love. Okay truthfully I’m obsessed with all things Disney, but I especially love that movie. It has a great message for girls and one awesome soundtrack. I love this Piano Guys cover of Let it Go.

Question: What’s something on your mind this Friday?


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    PUPPY! Hopefully your extra rest was really good for you! I mean maybe taking extra down time to really get itching to workout again is healthy! Veggie burger sounds good – I’ve yet to find one that I really like (although I don’t try often). Best veggie burger I’ve ever had was at a pub in Oxford called the Gardener’s Arms. SO bomb.

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    I am glad you are almost back to 100% healthy. I am a big kid and love animated movies but I didn’t think Frozen was going to be good. I guess I need to make the effort to see it.

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    I’m glad you’re feeling better. I got a cold last week, but fortunately it was mild and gone in just a few day. Of course, the rest of my week sucked, getting in a car accident, in which my car was totaled. But at least my nose was clear!

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