Five Facts Friday 7

It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for another Five Facts Friday.

1. I spent the day yesterday with some great co-workers at the Greater Omaha Young Professionals Summit. It was an amazing conference filled with useful seminars designed to help you grow professionally, personally, and philanthropically. I tweeted out a lot of the advice that really resonated with me on Twitter, so make sure to check out my feed if you want a play-by-play of the day.

2. They keynote speakers at the conference were really inspirational. I enjoyed them all but Erica Williams, the closing speaker, talked about things that really resonated with me. Her speech was on moving from inspiration to action. It’s so easy to be inspired in the moment. And that inspiration is important and it is great, but it is fleeting. She talked about ways to cultivate the ability to act long after the inspiration to do so has left. And to have your inspiration not just be to achieve a momentary goal but to think about the big picture of who you want to become and what you want to create with your life. She said a lot of profound things, but the quote that really stuck with me: “There is always something you think you don’t have but the truth is that you have exactly what you need to succeed.”

3. I just entered to win a trip to Iceland hosted by Runners World. The trip includes a race, sight-seeing, and some sweet clothing gear. This is not a sponsored share or anything, just a heads up about an awesome contest going on. I figure if I’m not the winner I’d love for it to be someone who heard about the contest through me!

4. Have you guys seen the newest smileys on Facebook? They’re of Pusheen the cat and I am obsessed. If we’re Facebook friends and you just start getting random Pusheen pictures from me, don’t be surprised.

5. Josh and I are leaving for our honeymoon in three days!! I can’t wait! We still need to pull out all of our summer clothes and pack this weekend. When it’s -5 degrees it’s hard to imagine sunshine and warm weather but I have a feeling Josh and I will adjust to Cancun weather pretty quickly. ;p

Question of the Day: What’s something on your mind this Friday?


  1. says

    Iceland!!! That would be crazy! On my mind today is that the weather is looking up and I am looking forward to a good workout this afternoon and a walk with my pups outside :)Happy weekend!

  2. says

    Ok, I must comment on the Iceland thing! For some reason, it’s one of the top places on my must-travel list. To go there for a marathon would be amazing.

    Thanks for sharing the contest – I don’t usually enter them, but I couldn’t resist with this one :-) Good luck!

  3. says

    Though I definitely have recommendations for next year’s summit, this year’s YP Summit was definitely worth my time. I’m more empowered than ever to get involved in the Omaha/CB community through volunteering.

    CANCUN. Lucky, lucky, lucky… :)

  4. Sarah Tucker says

    I completely agree! Erica Williams’s closing session was one of my favorite parts of the day (I also LOVED Mike Smith). I am working on developing that challenger group now that she mentioned.

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