Five Facts Friday 8

Happy Friday! I’ve got so much to look forward to this weekend. I’m going to a fish fry, running a 5k with some of my girlfriends, and trying out a new brunch spot. It should be a fun time. It’s also time for another 5 Facts Friday!

1. Why you should ditch sugar in favor of honey. Ever since I took a class on honey I have become a huge honey advocate. I eat it in my breakfast every morning and really want to host a cheese and honey party for friends. I buy local honey at Whole Foods from It’s All About Bees and am planning to switch to their raw honey when my current jar runs out. There’s so many health benefits.

2. Have you guys heard about TheRealReal? It’s a luxury online consignment shop that authenticates everything it sells. I’m going to consign some stuff on there that’s been sitting in my closet for way too long. I’m also enjoying/torturing myself browsing their sales. They have such good deals but after one vacation and planning for a second soon I’m not spending money on anything extraneous at the moment.

3. Dancing with the Stars has started again! How amazing was this opening? I love Jason Derulo and am obsessed with this song. And this season there’s so many stars I like it’s hard for me to pick a favorite!

4. I’m sick again. My cough which was almost gone before Mexico is now back in full force. I have a Doctor’s appointment tomorrow after work. I’m hoping they can give me something, or at least assuage my fears that it’s something more serious. I’ve come a long way with my anxiety but having a cough for over a month is like a constant little tiny pinprick in my anxiety defense shield.

5. What if it all worked out? This is such an amazing post about the power of turning your what if questions from negatives to positives. I want to start implementing this into my life.

Question of the Day: What’s on your mind this Friday?


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