Five Facts Friday 9

How has another week come and gone? I totally get it when people say they felt like they blinked and years of their life passed them by. Doing Five Facts Friday every week has really given me perspective on how fast time passes.

1. This scene perfectly showcases why I haven’t been able to do anything this past week but binge watch Scandal. I can’t even handle the chemistry and intense angst. If you do not want to see a scene from the second season I would recommend skipping this clip.

2. 30 pilots and flight attendants confess the best kept secrets you don’t know about flying <– Crazy! This totally justifies why I never get ice on a plane and use hand sanitizer instead of water to wash my hands.

3. I’m going to see Divergent after work tonight with some girlfriends. I can’t wait. I’m a huge fan of the books and am excited to see how they play out on screen.

4. Walk away from excess running, researchers say <– What do you think?

5. Are you a lady that lives in Omaha? Are you free Thursday, April 10th? Then you should come and hang out with me at the Midtown Crossing‘s “Hot Off the Pan” cooking class! Held at Chefs2 (where Josh and I go to get all our flavored oils and vinegars), this event is a guided, educational tasting of a complete meal that goes from pantry to plate in less than 30 minutes. (The owner of Chefs2 is a Registered Dietitian.) The class starts at 6:30pm and is completely free. Reservations are required by emailing: If the class fills up an additional class will be offered at 7pm. I hope to see you there!

Question of the Day: Do you have fun weekend plans? Omaha Bloggers is having their March meeting, I have laser hair removal session, and one of my good friends is having a bridal shower. It should be a great weekend!


  1. says

    My husband and I just started watching Scandal and are hooked, too! You’re right in that the chemistry and drama are sometimes too much to handle, but that’s what makes it so good :) I see a few (or many) episodes being watched this weekend.

    • says

      Josh and I started watching Scandal together, but he went to bed after two episodes, and I continued to watch four more before calling it a night. ;p When he saw how far ahead I was the next day he gave up.

    • says

      This is my second laser hair removal session but my first time getting hair removal done on an area of my body. So far it’s working great!

  2. Caroline says

    Oooh could you share more with us about your laser hair removal? I’ve been wanting to do that for so long but I’m scared it will hurt and I’ve heard that it is expensive! You should do a post about your experience :)

    • says

      Hey Caroline! I’ve been wondering if I should do a post about it but didn’t know if people thought it would be weird. Haha I’ll make sure to write something up soon. If I didn’t have friends who have had it done I would have been totally in the dark about the whole process.

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