Friday Five 18

1. I’m so excited it’s Friday! Josh and I are going to a Rick Springfield concert tonight which I’m really looking forward to. Then this weekend we’re visiting a museum, I’m catching up on sleep, and taking some of my favorite fitness classes. It should be fun!

2. I am loving this new-to-me daily deal site Jane. There’s so many fun patterns and everything is so cheap. This has been one of my go-to sites in the morning over coffee for the last few days.


3. I had my first real Midwest storm this past week. It was really scary. The sky was green, the tornado sirens were blaring, and there were tennis ball sized pieces of hail falling from the sky. I left work early and got inside just before the storm started. Josh and I huddled up on the couch and I watched Bravo to distract myself until the cable went out. Thankfully we  have a garage for our car so it didn’t sustain any damage like a lot of other cars in the area and the storm passed by morning. I love the Midwest, but the storms here are ridiculous.

4. I’ve been feeling really bad about all the weight I’ve gained recently. It wasn’t intentional and I’m not liking it. This probably deserves its own blog post at some point, but I’ve decided to give up desserts and alcohol for the foreseeable future. I eat enough as it is and I really don’t need those things in my life. I need to get my weight back under control and I’m hoping this will help give me a nice little jumpstart by helping me curb some cravings. Desserts and alcohol both make me crave more food (and junk food at that), which when I’m already eating too much is not a good thing. We will see how this goes. Think happy thoughts for me please. :)

5. Blogging Biz- How to sell yourself to a client <— Great tips and information

Question of the Day: What’s on your mind this Friday?


  1. says

    I got married around the same time as you, and I’ve gained a bunch of weight as well. I’ve also decided to completely abstain from alcohol this month, and after one week I’ve already lost 1.5 lbs! I think it’s so easy to fall into this happy fun lifestyle as newlyweds. No worries, you’ll get back where you’re comfortable, and you have a hubby who loves you no matter what!

    • says

      Way to go Kristy!! I totally agree. We’ve been having the time of our lives this past year, but too much of that time has included unhealthy food and lots of empty calories. I want to find a way to get back to a good balance. I think to jumpstart that balance I need to swing all the way the other way. Oh and happy almost one year anniversary!

  2. Molly says

    Be careful with Jane. I got a couple REALLY cute maxi dresses there and thought the site was fantastic so I ordered a few shirts. They were so cheaply made I never even wore them and ended up wasting over $60 on them. I was so annoyed after that I unsubscribed from the site.

  3. says

    Can’t wait for RIck Springfield tonight either! I think I actually like Eddie Money better though 😛 I completely hear you on cutting out sweets & alcohol. I have a major sweet tooth as well and have probably indulging more than normal. I’ve been trying to find very low-carb, low-sugar recipes on Pinterest to help with the cravings but also not completely over-do it. But, you got this, even though I know it’s so hard!

    Have a fabulous weekend! Maybe see ya around at the concert!

  4. says

    I have given up alcohol as well! Sometimes its really hard, but I literally lost 3.5 pounds in a week (I also upped my workouts that week so that’s probably where a lot of it comes from) but I also feel better! It’s sometimes good to take that break (although I don’t know why I chose summer!)

    • says

      Way to go Amalia!! I’m hoping to see those same kind of results! 😀 I know, I wish I chose the winter or something. haha But it will be well worth it when I feel more comfortable in my skin.

  5. says

    That hail is ridiculous! I hate storms, I would have been hiding in the basement the whoooollee time! This Friday my lack of motivation to exercise is on my mind! I’m trying to come up with some solutions to get back in the exercisin’ game! Have a great weekend!

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