Fun with Friends in NYC

Knowing this would be my last time in NYC for at least a few months I really wanted to make the most of it. I don’t know how often I’ll be getting to NYC when I’m living in the middle of the country.

I got into the city around dinner time and was starving. I love how the bus station is right next to Dean and Deluca. I decided to head on over for one of their delicious quiches.

I stayed with my friends Megan and Rachel while I was in NYC. They have an apartment in Washington Heights which is quite the interesting neighborhood. Rachel had to head home to the Poconos shortly after I got there because she had her wisdom teeth erupt in horrible pain. She’s thankfully feeling a lot better now. Megan and I got to have a lot of girl time together which was super fun.

She took me to the UCB East Theater which was so awesome. I have always wanted to go to a stand up show and this one had huge comedians performing. We laughed a lot.

Monday Megan had to work at her internship for the morning. She’s doing amazing women’s rights work. While she was off saving the word I decided to explore the city and celebrate National Drink Your Veggies Day with a fresh juice from Whole Foods. It was delicious but I don’t think I will ever drink beet juice again. I won’t go into details but let’s just say beets have a strong effect on your digestion.

I also had a salad from Whole Foods that was delicious. Not pictured is the guy who sat next to me (in a wide open eating area) and proceeded to ask me if I like horses and what my name is and where I’m from. As much as I love the city it can overwhelm me at times.

After Megan got off work we met up at a Mollie’s Cupcakes for celebratory cupcakes for her successful first day at her internship. My cookie dough cupcake was delicious.

For lunch the first day of the #140conf I went to The Food Emporium to pick up some pasta salads. They were all delicious.

The second day of the conference I grabbed lunch at Mimi’s pizza. I got the fresh mozzarella and basil pizza and it was so incredibly good. I’m glad I got some authentic NYC pizza. I also had a cannoli that was to die for. I seriously love those things.

After the first night of the conference Alec from Pop Fit Life and I met up at Soul Cycle on the Upper East Side for a class. It was a sweaty blast. I wish all spin classes were as fun as Soul Cycle classes. There seriously is nothing better.

Afterwards we went to dinner at Just Salad right across the street. The salads were amaaazing and really reasonably priced. It was so much fun to girl chat and catch up. I’m so excited she’ll be at my wedding in a week and a half! After dinner there was a macaroon stop that wasn’t photographed. There was also me trying to walk to the West side of the park to catch a subway to Washington Heights only to get turned around in the park and end up walking back onto the East Side. By the time I made it to a station and found out it didn’t go where I needed it to go, I decided to just switch tracks as many times as needed so I wouldn’t have to leave that station. It all ended up working out. Sometimes I feel like a country bumpkin in a big city.

Then the last day of the conference I met up with my friend Nicole for dinner on the Upper East Side. She recommended a place called Veatery. It was so cute and so fun to dine al fresco.  I loved hearing about all of her city adventures.

I have only had Vietnamese food once where I tried pho and didn’t really like it. I was nervous it again wouldn’t be my thing but the dish I got was phenomenal. It was called Curry Rau Cai and it was out of this world. I wish I could eat it all over again.

After my wonderful dinner with Nicole it was time to catch a train to New Haven for my second leg of the trip. That’s a post for tomorrow. We passed by Baked by Butterfield on the way and I knew it was fate. Their red velvet donut was calling my name.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite place to grab food in NYC?


  1. says

    Amazing pics! New York must have been fun! Food and diet is extremely important to one’s health. Without exercise it is really difficult to maintain one’s health especially while travelling. Because of lack of time it is really difficult to maintain a regular excising schedule. I like doing simple things like walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift to help keep fit. I keep track of them using Motivade.

  2. says

    The food looks amazing! I have always wanted to go to the UCB. I do Improv and Stand up as well. I am no where good enough to the UCB, but maybe someday!

  3. Carlie says

    Everything you had looks delicious!
    I really love Lombardi’s Pizza in SoHo. Rice to Riches (seen in the movie Hitch) is also incredible!

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