Girl Gone Veggie’s Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is less than two weeks away! If you’re like me and still have a lot of shopping to do, fear not. I put together a handy dandy little gift guide that will hopefully help make shopping for those last minute gifts a breeze.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Koss via FitFluential LLC. They asked me to share information about their headphones which I am very happy to do because I love them and use them nearly every day. The rest of my product recommendations are not sponsored in any way but are just products that I love. Thanks for supporting Girl Gone Veggie!

The gift for the caffeine addict who likes to hide her drug of choice in pretty packaging:

What girl would not want to drink her coffee out of this mug? It’s cute, it’s double insulated, and it holds the beverage essential to putting pep in your step on cold winter mornings. It’s from Starbucks and can be found here.

The gift for the 20-something who is freaking out that she isn’t freaking out and feeling lost and confused about her life:

I love reading articles about gen y-ers as much as any other gen y-er. (It’s true, we’re a little fascinated with ourselves.) But does every single article need to be about how chaotic and confusing life is, how drunk and broke we’re supposed to be, and how hard of a time we’re supposed to be having? I know so many 20-somethings that have their lives together and are living awesome lives. This book was a breath of fresh air for me as it focused on living in the now and being happy in the present. It is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and can be bought here.

The gift for the crazy winter runner that needs a distraction from the fact that it’s 15 degrees outside and she can’t feel her legs:

I run for so many reasons. I run because it helps me relax, because it’s good for my body, and because I can’t seem to say no to a  dessert this time of year and don’t want to wake up one day and weigh 300 pounds. Josh and I got the bright idea in our heads that it would be fun to run an Ugly Sweater Run in December. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it but omg was it cold. I’m not the kind of runner who can run without music and still keep myself entertained. I need some hip hop blasting in my ears to pump me up, keep me moving, and make me forget about the fact that I can’t feel my legs. The Koss Fit series are the only headphones I use anymore. The sound quality is great, they come in fun neon colors, they are made specifically for women’s ears, and they stay in your ear while you exercise! That is everything I need in a pair of headphones and more. While normally $29.99 a pair they are on sale for Christmas at WalMart, Best Buy, Walgreens, KMart and Sears for only $19.99! That is such a great deal on a high quality pair of headphones.

The gift for the cat obsessed girl who loves to show off her love of felines:

Who wouldn’t find her day brightened after looking down and seeing a cute little kitty ring on her finger? Cats are adorable, and if you love them, you probably want to show yours off. Since it’s not yet socially acceptable to whip out a wallet filled with cat pictures and pass them around to strangers, why not wear your heart on your finger with this cute conversation starter? Now they need to start making penguin rings like this! These rings are from SaltyKissesHawaii on Etsy and can be found here.

The gift for a really awesome wife that loves her husband very much and really wants to have a way to read magazines and watch shows easily from anywhere:

Technology is changing so rapidly it can be hard to keep up. Thanks to digital advancements today it can be cooler to read a magazine on an iPad than in print. The text becomes interactive and the pictures zoom and include links of where to find products or read more information. We just found out recently that we can stream our television through any tablet device to watch our favorite shows on the go. The iPad Mini has all the fun features of the iPad but in a daintier size, which is perfect for typing with smaller fingers and fitting it into purses and bags when not in use. The iPad Mini can be found here.

Questions of the Day: What products do you recommend for others this Christmas? What’s on your wish list? My number 5 may be a not-so-subtle hint to a certain husband of mine. 😀


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