Girls Night

Yesterday was meant to be a super productive day. After a busy day at work I had plans for getting school work done and a workout in. And then I got a call from Maile asking if I was free to hang out. She’s leaving to go back to Hawaii in a few days so I really wanted to get to spend extra time with her.

So we picked up some Thai food and decided to have a girl’s night. I opted for the tofu pad thai.

Minus the creepy corn. I hate these things, they are just so abnormal and weird. Does anyone else find them strange?

I also rented my first ever Redbox! We picked up Madagascar 3 to watch. I saw the movie in theatres with Josh and his parents and absolutely loved it. Watching it yesterday it was just as funny as when I saw it the first time. It is definitely one of my favorite cartoon movies, you just can’t help but laugh and feel good.

We ate some nutella and peanut butter cookies while we watched the movie. The recipe is coming soon, they passed Maile and my coworker’s taste test. 😀 If you have never seen Madagascar 3 I highly recommend it. It’s a movie kids and adults can enjoy.

And if you were a 90’s kid, exciting news!! Corey and Topanga are coming back to TV! The actors have signed on to be the parents of a young girl in a new Disney sitcom Girl Meets World. I can’t be the only one super excited about getting one of my favorite childhood shows back on TV!

Classic stuff. Now it’s time to get to work on everything I procrastinated on yesterday!

Question of the Day: What was one of your favorite shows when you were a kid?


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      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who find baby corn creepy! Josh doesn’t mind them either! haha The new Girl Meets World is going to be awesome! I’m so happy it not only has the original cory and topanga but also the original writer!

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    You are definitely not alone – so excited for Girl Meets World! I haven’t encountered baby corn in a while, but it always brings back memories of my little brother and I picking them up and gnawing on them like they’re little corn cobs, so they have nostalgic goodness for me.

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    I am so excited about Cory and Topanga reuniting! My world will be right again :) I loved Full House when I was little and I’m so glad its on Nick at Nite now. I also loved Saved By the bell and the REAL 90210

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    That baby corn always weirds me out as well, and I try to avoid it when I can:) I’m so excited for the BMW reunion too! A year ago I got really into the show again, and started watching it all the time, so I’m even more excited now!

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    so i cant even tell you how excited i am about girl meets world!! i honestly still watch the show every single morning before work on abc fam as i eat breakfast! its the best way to start my day even tho i have seen them all 1000 times!! i love it!! have a great day! xo spa <3

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    I HATE baby corn too! Creeps the crap outta me!!! LOL!

    AND OMG I LOVEEEEEEE Boy Meets World! I watch it on YouTube all the time – Guilty pleasure, I admit it!!! The other show I ALWAYS watch on YouTube (I literally rewatch the same episodes, sad, I know, lol)… Is SABRINA THE TEENAGED WITCH! Move over Corey, Topanga and the rest of the gang, Sabrina triumphs you, no joke! LOL!

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      I watch Boy Meets World on youtube all the time too! I actually started watching it there my freshman year of college during finals instead of studying! haha Bad priorities on my part. Sabrina was a great show too! I always wanted her to end up with Harvey!

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    uhhhhh boy meets world was basically my favorite show of all time growing up. In fact, the ex and I re-watched the entire series over the summer. When I first heard about “Girl meets world” I didn’t know what to think. Now that the ACTUAL corey and topanga have signed on for the show I’m feeling a little better about it. However my first childhood Crush, aka Shaun, better freaking join the fun! AND MR FEENEY BETTER STILL BE FOLLOWING THEM AROUND THE WORLD haha 😉

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    Creepy corn! Ha! Now, that’s one I haven’t heard before. I’m a big fan of RedBox too. One recommendation- don’t try to do a quick return during a popular renting time… ;)I remember that show! Good for those guys.

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      I’ve always called it that since I was a little girl! Haha I don’t think I knew there was another name for it for a while. Do you know how long you have for a redbox rental? I figured it was 24 hours but realized I didn’t know the exact protocol. ;p

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