Got My Swag {Bag} On

Thanks so much for all the continued sweet comments about my weekend at Runner’s World. There’s been so much to talk about, I can’t believe I only have one post left before my big giveaway. This post is all about the swag at Runner’s World. I know when I read about bloggers going to events I always want to know what they got and what was in their goody bag. So I thought it would be fun to show you what was in mine. Runner’s World and their sponsors really hooked us up. I did not expect to be going home with so much cool stuff. I’m so excited to get to share it all with you!

We got these awesome Runner’s World totes with all our information in it when we first checked into the event. It was perfect to tote around for the weekend with all of our stuff. We also got the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training which I will definitely be reading as time goes on and I increase my mileage to start to train for that Disney Princess half marathon I’ve been mentioning on here a lot. I also got a super cool little photo of me on a mock cover of Runner’s World. I feel famous! 😀

My two running t-shirts, bib, and medal. I thought it was so awesome Runner’s World gave out a medal to 5k finishers. They set the bar so high for my first race, I am always going to cherish this thing.

A closeup of the medal. I LOVE the design!

In our bags we got coupons for free products at certain booths at the Expo. One of the booths I headed over to was The Stick. I’ve been reading so much lately about foam rolling and its benefits for muscle health and recovery after a workout. The Stick does essentially the same thing as a foam roller, you roll it for about 30 seconds over any muscle areas you want to work on. They’re used at Olympic training centers across the country!

I ended up going with a body stick so that I could use it on any areas where I may be seeking to alleviate tension. You can use it pre and post workout. I’ve been hearing so many good things about these things from all the girls at the event with me I was so excited to get to try it out. When I ran today I rolled my calf and thigh muscles beforehand and then after the run as well. It made my legs feel so great and lose. This product is definitely becoming a staple in my running routine!

The next booth I made my way over to was Running Skirts! I saw so many ladies rocking super cute running skirts (including the owners!) that I was so excited to get to try one. The owners of Running Skirts really walk the walk, they both placed in events that weekend, it was fun to get to cheer them on!

I ended up going with the red candy stripe. It made me think of a candy cane! 😀 I love how it has shorts underneath so you can look feminine and cute while you run without giving up the comfort shorts or pants give if you have bigger thighs.

I was so excited to see a pair of compression socks in my bag! I am so new to running socks it’s crazy. This is my second pair of running socks ever and as soon as I slipped them on my feet I was in love. I was really impressed with how great these Softwicks feel on my feet. They are definitely something I want to look into more!

You know how much I love my snacks! I was excited to see a bag of chips in my bag too, especially parmesan garlic flavored ones. I sampled some of the chips while at the Mediterranean Snacks booth and absolutely loved them. I’m saving opening these for a special occasion! 😀

I have wanted running headbands for forever! I was so excited for the opportunity to get to try Sweaty Bands. I love how they have all different size options so that someone who loves to run in thick headbands can find something for themselves while people like me who love thin headbands have plenty to chose from. It was love at first sight when I saw the glitter. I think everything I own somehow matches either black, pink, or blue because I have been wearing these nonstop since I got them!

Since getting into working out on a consistent basis I have become obsessed with workout clothes. I go to the gym nearly every day which means I need to have lots of outfits that make me feel cute to wear when I go! ;p I love Free Motion Fitness. Their stuff is comfortable, functional, and cute! That jacket and sports bra (my one non-swag item, I bought it) have been getting a lot of use!

And lastly, my super cute, zero-drop Altra Provisioness shoes! I wore these all day on Friday and really like how they felt on my feet. I’m going to slowly work them into my runs and see how the zero drop feels for me. I’ll be sure to update you guys on what I think of them as I wear them even more!

And that was what was inside our incredible swag bags! I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Runner’s World and all of their sponsors for being so kind to all of us who were at the blogging event and race. It was the most amazing weekend that I will remember forever. If you are looking for a race to run, whether it’s your 10th half marathon or your 1st 5k (like me!) I cannot recommend Runner’s World enough. It was the absolute best experience. I’m so excited after all I had done for me to be able to give something back to you guys. Please check back tomorrow for a phenomenal giveaway. You are not going to want to miss it!

Question of the Day: What’s in your dream swag bag? My swag bag would be Marc Jacobs and have tickets to Disney’s Aulani resort in Hawaii in it. 😀


  1. says

    It is so awesome that they gave out medals for the 5k!! That is a RARE treat for a 5k! And its a beautiful one to boot! That is some serious swag girl!! Dang! 😀

    Also, so jealous of the mock magazine cover! That is WAY TOO NEAT!

  2. says

    Wow!! What amazing swag!!
    I’m looking forward to getting back to the continental US and getting into more races there. There are a good amount out here, but the swag hasn’t compared to ones from back home.
    I’d be really happy with any of the awesome goodies you received! Shoes, socks, skirts, and amazing gear!!? Yea, count me in as a happy participant if that’s the awesome stuff I’d get!
    I hope to make it to the aulani resort before I leave here. SUPER pricey to stay there, though, so maybe a meal and/or spa day :-)
    Over from Link Love!
    Have a great Wednesday!

    • says

      RW Half 2013 would be incredible!! It was so great meeting you Jill, thanks for running with me on the course for a little bit, that was a lot of fun!

    • says

      I got it for being a part of FitFluential. They comped my race registration and Runner’s World put on a blogging event for us to meet and work with their sponsors. It was an incredible experience.

    • says

      I looovee that Free Motion jacket! So cute and comfy! I’m all about sparkles, I was so excited to see they had those types of headbands. I’ve been wearing them even when I’m not working out! ;p

    • says

      Of course! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I try to make this blog one I would want to read and I love knowing stuff like that so I figured it would make a fun post.

  3. Lindsey M says

    WOW! So much fun stuff. You are going to LOVE your Swiftwick socks. Those are the only thing I will run in. Oh and how I love Sweaty Bands. They really are the best and I’ve tried about 100 million different kinds. Love the sparkles! Glad you had so much fun!

    • says

      I’m so excited to get to test out Swiftwick even more! From everyone I talk to they come pretty highly recommended! And aren’t the sparkly sweaty bands adorable? I love them!

  4. says

    I love the medal they gave out! The view of the Steelstacks is something I will always remember about this race! We are shoe twins! :) I ran in mine yesterday and they feel so different than my regular running shoes. Can’t wait to put some serious miles on them!

    • says

      Aw thanks! Yeah I’m so excited to get to try out more real running shoes. I can’t believe I never thought they were important before!

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