I graduate college today!

This was high school me. I can’t believe that was five years ago.

It feels weird to close such a big chapter in my life. I’ve gone to school since I can remember. Its always kind of been my thing. I definitely want to go for my MBA soon, but I’d like to get some more work experience first.  Hopefully there’s a nice marketing firm in Omaha that wants me!

If the girl in that high school graduation gown had to describe what life would be like at 22 she would have never described my current life. I would have figured I graduated a year ago, from a completely different school, and was now living in New York City or DC trying to make it as a marketer. I’m so glad she was wrong. I’m so glad I was willing to be open to change, and to deviating from my preconceived plan.

My journey through college has been a good metaphor for life. Nothing goes exactly as planned. Things that are supposed to go perfectly will fall through. There’s going to be some bumps that will throw you for a major loop. But if you’re willing to adapt, to change your plans and rethink your dreams, life can turn out better than you’ve ever imagined. Because what 17 year old me thought would be my perfect life wasn’t. This is.

I’m so excited to spend today celebrating with family and friends. Congrats 2013 graduates! May the future be even better than you can possible imagine.


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    Congrats on graduating, and welcome to the “adult world”. I hope this next phase of your life is exciting and big things happen for you!

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    CONGRATS! I have three semesters left of college and can already say my life is so much different now than I imagined it would be. I find myself frequently telling myself that I am right where I’m supposed to be.

    Enjoy your day girl! You deserve it :)

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    Congratulations again! Though I’ve never met you, I know you have a radiant personality that’s going to help get you into the door to a dream firm in Omaha.

    It’s funny how things change in life when you don’t expect. I didn’t think I’d be where I am today, but events and people I’ve met along the way have shaped my present scenario. It’s part of what makes life so exciting, challenging, stressful, and every other possible emotion!

    xoxo Jackie

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