I joined a gym!

It’s official! I’m in a two year relationship with a gym! This is a big deal for me as this is the first gym I’ve ever joined.


I took two classes with Prairie Life Fitness in Midtown Crossing and loved them both. (It makes me laugh to think I live on the prairie!) After touring today I knew it was a perfect fit. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, the classes have a great atmosphere, and when I get all green lights it takes me two minutes to get there from my apartment. (SO important for time-challenged me!) Josh and I have a two year lease on our apartment so I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal to join a gym for two years. You get the best rate and avoid all the fees. Josh and I want to live downtown for about five years before we move “out west” (aka the suburbs) and start a family. I know it sounds ridiculous to have this all planned out but I’m a planner. The good thing is that my Prairie Life membership is good for all the locations, so when we do live farther out, I’ll still have a gym nearby.

I did the cycling class yesterday and the barre burn today. I spent the night tonight looking over all the classes and trying to map out a weekly schedule. (I told you I was a planner!) Tomorrow I can’t decide between cycling and pilates. I don’t want to over-exert my legs but I love the atmosphere of a cycling class. It really pushes me out of my comfort zone. Decisions, decisions.

Question of the Day: What are your favorite fitness classes?


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    congrats! i LOVE my gym and have developed several friendships through it – itz like a little community, plus it makes working out way more fun because of the environment, in my opinion! :)

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    I love classes at the gym. But, as my kids got older and life got busier, I couldn’t make the schedule work for me. Oh, and my favorite yoga teacher left and the new one was hokey.

    I’m trying out a new yoga studio this week, so I’m excited.

    Looks like you found a great option for you! Have fun!!!

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    What an AWESOME looking gym class schedule. I’m jealous. The gyms all around here besides uber $$$$ Lifetime Fitness use the Les Mills or similar programs. I like more variety than that. I would be all over trying a barre class at the gym. My favorite group classes right now are, of course, yoga (at a studio not the gym though) and cycling still is one of my faves even after all these years.

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    Congrats on joining the gym! I actually have a year-long TRX studio membership AND a gym membership. The gym membership I put on hold from about September – April, since I can run outside those months and then use it in the summer when we are hitting 90 degrees by 8am!
    It looks like your gym has lots of classes to choose from, which is cool!

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    Congrats on joining a new gym! I’ve heard great things about Prairie Life! I am at Sweat Cycle and Soul (love!) and Armbrust YMCA (like for days I can’t make it to SCS) and I’m stilling loving spinning, but I just took my first barre pilates class last week and it was amazing…so I don’t think you can go wrong!

  6. Megan says

    It helps so much to live close to a gym! I don’t think I would have any motivation if I didn’t live or work near one. I thought about Prarie Life before we signed up for the YMCA here in Omaha. I mostly hit up the downtown Y right after work do a HIT class which is kind of similar to crossfit. I see PL has TurboKick! I used to do that at the Y before they got rid of it, you should try it! It’s definitely different, hah.

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