My College Graduation and Bridal Shower

Hey guys! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was amazing and jam packed. I definitely passed out on the couch last night and didn’t move until I had to go to work. Now that I’ve slept and worked, here’s a recap of my weekend:

I’m officially a college graduate! I have a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing.

Graduation was at the Community Arts Center in town, a gorgeous old theater that has been completely restored. It was so nice to be there with family and friends to celebrate a major milestone. The only snafu was being listed as magna cum laude instead of summa cum laude. Long story short my one Professor forgot to enter my grade for my final so I got a 0% instead of a 98%. That brought my grade down to an 86 for the semester instead of an A which brought my GPA down to a 3.88. I know it sounds silly but it’s something I worked for and was a big deal to me. Thankfully it all got straightened out.

My marketing professor Dr. Luke was a huge inspiration to me throughout college. I love that Josh snapped a picture of me running to give her a hug before accepting my diploma.

I’m so thankful to my parents for supporting and encouraging me.  My Dad has been my biggest fan throughout my life and that confidence has made me who I am today. I am so thankful to Diane for giving me the opportunity to get a college degree for free. That is a blessing I will always be grateful for.

My husband-to-be. :)

My Auntie Kathi flew all the way from Hawaii. It meant so much to me for her to be there.

We went back to the house for cake. Wegmans makes amazing cake.

The next day John, Debbie, Josh, and my Auntie Kathi and I went to Lewisburg for the day. We had a blast walking around exploring the shops. It was graduation weekend for Bucknell too. It felt strange to have just graduated and then be walking around the place that I thought I would have been graduating from. For dinner we headed back to Williamsport to Le Jeune Chef.

I think Le Jeune Chef is one of Williamsport’s best kept secrets. There was a piano player playing beautiful dinner music throughout the meal.

We started off with soup and a wine fight.

There was a salad, homemade bread, and delicious pasta with a ton of veggies.

Dessert was amazing creme brulee and biscuits.  I was in love with this meal from start to finish. I left with a very happy tummy.

Debbie and John came from Connecticut for the weekend and it was so special to me to have them there. It was great having both of our families spending time together. I think these get togethers will make the wedding so much more comfortable for everyone.

Sunday was our second bridal shower. It was so sweet of my parents to host a shower for us. This one was a Jack and Jill shower so the guys could attend. I was excited for Josh to get the shower experience.

My parents raided Wegmans. Everything was so delicious. I went to town on the Mediterranean tray.

My sister organized some fun shower games.

And we all had fun playing with my sister’s baby. Jax is so stinken cute and the chillest baby ever.  He loved being passed around from person to person and playing with cellphones and necklaces. My dad was definitely feeling like a proud grandpa.

I got to be a toilet paper bride.

And Josh and I got to open presents.

Our friends and family were really good to us. Please excuse the arm banadage, I had a mole removed and have stitches in at the moment. It came back completely normal and should be healed up by the wedding. Pale people problems.

My parents were very sweet to us and got us a Vitamix. I will use this daily in Omaha and think of them.

Thank you soeur for helping plan a wonderful shower. <3

After the party we headed home for some down time. I snuggled this munchkin until he had to go home with his mom.

And that was my weekend. It was filled with big milestones and loved ones and lots of good food. That’s a perfect weekend to me.

Question of the Day: What were you up to this weekend?


  1. says

    Congratulations again! It looks like you made sure to celebrate with those who matter most and enjoyed every minute.

    xoxo Jackie

  2. says

    Congratulations!!!! You are so amazing and deserved every bit of that great weekend! Summa cum laude!?!? Go girl!!! That is incredible. The bridal shower looks SO fun! I’m having one this weekend with my girlfriends and I’m so excited!! xoxo

  3. says

    vitamix?! holla!!! congrats on graduating. i did marketing too!! no surprise there 😉 we have many similarities. you and your man are just so adorable. and that creme brulee looks fab!

    • says

      Omg I’m so excited to use that Vitamix every day!! haha We have a ton in common. I really really hope we get to hang out before I move!

    • says

      Thanks so much Hannah! I was so relieved they were able to fix it. I didn’t realize how much it mattered to me until I almost didn’t have it. haha

  4. Jane says


    Congratulations on your graduation! You must be glad that it’s over. Wow, this is a busy season for you – showers, graduations, weddings, moving! Good thing you’re young :)
    XO Jane

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