My Trader Joes Haul

I am so excited that I now live in an area that has a Trader Joe’s. I love the store and their products and their approach to business. I also love that they are affordable! They opened in State College last Friday and Josh and I were there on opening day. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew it would be awesome. I brought my camera along for the adventure and thought I’d show you some of our purchases. We definitely went a little crazy. ;p

I’m always amazed how much stuff fits inside a Trader Joe’s with how small it is.

For how many people were in the store shopping it really did not feel crowded. I love how they have a Penn Taste sampling booth in the back.

I also love how many checkouts they have. Even though this looks like a ton of people in line it moves super fast because there are so many cashiers. I love all the Penn State pride and how all the checkouts are named after State College streets. It’s the little things.

Okay let’s be real here. Trader Joe’s cookie butter is crack. It is not good for you, it is not healthy in any way but omg it is amazing. Nicole introduced Josh and I to it a few months ago and we have been waiting for Trader Joe’s to open ever since so we could stock up on this.

Josh had the amazing idea of getting ginger snaps to dip in the cookie butter. This was the best idea ever. The flavors compliment each other perfectly and it makes a great dessert.

Yay for the end of the almond butter recall! The first time I was in a Trader Joe’s I was blown away by how cheap their almond butter is. I normally pay $12 for almond butter and at TJ’s they sell them for $5. That is a savings I will definitely take advantage of!

I normally love the healthier versions of things. I’ll trade applesauce for butter and Greek yogurt for sour cream any day and be a happy camper. But when it comes to chips fried is far and away better tasting than baked. I still eat the baked ones but oh man are the fried ones good. I was a little worried that Trader Joe’s reduced guilt tortilla chips would taste just like baked chips but they tasted just like a regular fried chip (if not even better)! These are my go-to chips from now on.

I wish I could say I loved this spinach and kale greek yogurt dip as much as I loved the chips. It had all the elements to be amazing but it fell flat to me. And the reason it fell flat is because of the water chestnuts they put in this dip. I used to hate them in Chinese food and pick them out of my food and I wish I could do that with this. The texture and taste of water chestnuts are just gross to me and I don’t understand why they need to be in a spinach and kale dip. Oh well, Josh loved the dip so if you’re a water chestnut fan don’t despair, it’s a really good dip in every other way.

What I was shocked I was going to like as much as I did was the white bean and basil hummus. Oh man was this incredible. It tasted like a pesto hummus! It was the perfect dip for the chips!

I already showed pictures of how the sweet potato gnocchi turned out but this is what the package looks like. If you like mushier, softer gnocchi like I do this will be right up your alley. I could not stop eating it it was so good and so flavorful!

Josh has introduced me to the amazingness that is ginger and I love it dipped in chocolate. We popped a few of these in our mouth before heading out for our couple’s 5k and I found it to be a nice little burst of sugar on the run.

I love Tapioca Pudding. It’s one of the things that I’m always craving but that I never buy because I forget. When my eye spotted this I knew I had to put it in the cart. It was delicious and the perfect late night snack over episodes of America’s Next Top Model College Edition.

For dinner the night of our shopping excursion Josh and I decided to make goat cheese and sundried tomato raviolis. We tossed them in pesto and accompanied them with a creamy spinach and carrot polenta. The entire meal came from Trader Joe’s and it all turned out so delicious. We are so happy to have the store nearby and have big plans for many future visits!

Question of the Day: What are your favorite items from Trader Joe’s? What do I need to pick up on my next shopping trip?


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    THAT DIP IS MY FAVORITE! My sister and I call it Crack Dip. So, to all who wonder, the spinach kale greek yogurt dip is amazing (if you like water chestnuts). Trader Joe’s also has these soy and flaxseed tortilla chips that are my fave thing to dip in the Crack Dip.

    Also, if you like mochi or are feeling adventurous, try the mochi ice cream! The mango and chocolate flavors are my personal fave.

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      Ohh I will have to try those flaxseed chips! I really wish I could like water chestnuts because otherwise the dip is amazing!

      I looovee mochi, I will have to try theirs, thanks! :)

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      It is such an amazing place! I’ll have to recommend the cilantro jalapeno hummus to Josh, I’m a baby with spices but that sounds like it would be right up his alley!

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    I LOVE Trader Joes!! Actually my hubby has to ask me NOT to go there so often!! I really like stocking up on nuts there…they have amazing toffee sesame almonds that are awesome!!

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      haha I know it’s so easy to go crazy there! Ohh I’ll have to try their nuts, I love having a handful in my purse in case I get hungry or need a little extra protein!

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    Four words: Chocolate covered espresso beans. When there was no Trader Joe’s in NYC, I used to make my friends bring these to me as “rent” if they wanted to visit me. No wonder I never slept in college!

    And now, I’m off to convince my bf to drive me to Trader Joe’s because I need to try that sweet potato gnocchi pronto! Thanks for sharing!

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    Yummy! Everything you bought looks fantastic! Fortunately (for my waistline), Trader Joe’s isn’t in Canada (yet). So visits State-side always include a trip to TJ’s and some new foodie finds for me!

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    I am absolutely OBSESSED with TJ’s! I have one right around the corner back home and used to grab lunch there everyday in the summer! They always have the best watermelons when they are in season. Some of my favorite TJ buys are their nine-grain granola (with 10g protein and 190 per cup!), their Greek yogurt brand, chunky guac made with greek yogurt (this will NOT disappoint), and they have this cucumber and tahini sauce i think it is, but it’s like cucumbers swimming in the white sauce with chives I don’t remember what it is called, but it is divine. Honestly I almost went through an entire tub of that when we bought it. Paired with their soy crisps. Done. Out of this world.

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      I’m weird and like ginger in some things (like ginger chews and ginger cookies!) but hate it in other things (like gingerbread). haha I have to start testing out more ginger products so I can narrow down what I like and don’t like.

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      Their almond butter price is amazing! I almost didn’t believe it when I first saw it, it’s so much cheaper than what it is in other stores!


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