One Massive Cookie

Hey guys! I hope you’re having a wonderful start to your day. This weekend (and Monday at work) passed by in the blink of an eye. It involved a lot of wedding prep and getting ready for graduation. Here’s my weekend recap in pictures. All the photos were taken on my phone since my camera is dying a slow sad death. I have to do some research later to find out what new model is best for me.

Mushrooms, ricotta, and truffled cauliflower at Clover on Friday night.

The decorations definitely stood out. haha

While shopping for wedding stuff I swung by Wegmans to pick up some Stonyfield. I’m really loving their organic Greek yogurt.

I attempted to find a graduation dress. I love this Erin Fetherston dress but it was too big and kept falling down in the chest area. That’s definitely not something I want to worry about when accepting my diploma.


I’m going to miss Wegmans so much. Their hot bar is fabulous.

Josh has been hard at work on his dissertation. We decided to go out for dinner this weekend for a nice break for him. The veggie burgers at The Deli are one of my favorite foods.

For dessert we had one massive cookie. It was amazing and we demolished it.

I discovered goat milk brie cheese at Trader Joes. It was fabulous.

Sunday night was a takeout from the Penn Stater night. I love their veggie paninis and side salad.

This week is getting ready for graduation and my second bridal shower party. So many things are happening so quickly! Today I have to clean, get my oil changed, try and find a dress, and then Zumba my heart out!

Question of the Day: What are you looking forward to this week? Any recommendations for a small, lightweight Canon camera?


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    OMG that cookie is massive and amazing! I’m looking forward to some decent weather here finally and Thing 1’s final band concert for the school year.

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