Hey everyone! Thank you all SO much for the sweet comments and well wishes on Josh and my engagement photos. We are so thankful to our photographer for the incredible photos. I can’t wait to get to started on our Save the Dates! The great thing about photographs is how accurately they capture a memory and an emotion forever. The one bad thing about them is that sometimes they can be a little too accurate in what they capture.

I am not unhappy with my size. I am a healthy weight and overall don’t feel uncomfortable in my skin. But I do have insecurities and target areas on my body I’d like to change. While I fall within the accepted BMI range for my height and weight I think my body could be healthier than it currently is. I feed it right but I don’t work it enough. Looking at our engagement photos I realized my arms look softer than I want them to be. I currently have no muscle definition and would like to change that between now and July 2013 when I walk down the aisle. I want to make sure I keep my body in the best shape possible for the long run. I’m pretty excited for a long and healthy life spent with the greatest guy in the whole world. :)

That’s why I created #operationfitbride . It’s a Twitter hashtag for me to hold myself accountable and share my progress in slimming down and toning up with you guys. If you are engaged or just want to be fit for when you get married some day I’d love if you’d join in and use the hashtag as well! I’d love it to be an outlet where we can all encourage and support each other. My Twitter name is girlgoneveggie and you can follow me here.

My personal goal in the ten months between now and next July is pretty simple: I want to lose fat and gain muscle mass. My wedding dress is a size six and I want to stay that size but I want to walk down the aisle toned and lean and confident. More than anything, I want to be healthy.

To start my workout pledge I headed over to the gym after class today. The gym on campus has always been an additional fee on top of tuition and I was always too cheap to pay it. A few weeks ago I got an email from the school that they were finally including gym membership in the tuition rate. I was so excited, it’s literally five minutes from my house and is so nice. And with a break in between classes I’ll be able to get there at least three days a week! I’m sorry for the quality of these photos, I took them all on my phone so I wouldn’t look like a creeper at the gym.

I threw on some Lulu and my favorite Nikes to get my sweat on. I’ve had these Shox for so long I probably shouldn’t use them anymore but I got attached. I also love the colors. 😀

To start I hit up the treadmills and ran a mile on a medium incline at varying intensities from all out sprint to a light jog. I was huffing and puffing and seriously out of breath by the end of it which I felt bad about when I compared myself to how quickly some people can run a mile and bust it out like it ain’t no thing. Then I remembered that everyone starts somewhere and as slow and bad at running as I may be as I may be I’m at least moving.

After my adventure with the treadmill I decided to do a short bike exercise. I wasn’t looking to break any records here, I just wanted to wake up my body a little bit and get it back on the exercise track.

After cardio I went to the other side of the gym for some strength training. I have never been a weight lifter and felt a little out of my element lifting 30 pound weights while I was surrounded by guys benching 200 pounds. I definitely felt like they were wondering what the heck a girl was doing there but they were nice and didn’t bother me or laugh at my puny arm strength, so I was appreciative. I did a few different arm machines, making sure to read the instructions and mimic the visuals, doing reps of 15 3 times for each exercise with 30 pound weights. My arms were literally shaking as I left and I know I’ll be sore tomorrow but it felt so good to know I had gone in there and accomplished something. Tomorrow I plan on going back and doing a leg workout.

When I got home I was ravenous for food. Diane had made a Heritage Grain Rice Blend with dinner that smelled delicious so I sat down and filled up on some carbs before doing anything else.

Made of quinoa, amaranth, brown rice, and wild rice it was super tasty.

After replenishing my carbs I wanted to make sure I got some fruits, veggies, and protein back in my system and a full dinner. I made a kale and romaine (we were out of spinach) smoothie with blueberries, strawberries, cherries, bananas, ice, water, hemp protein powder, and chia seeds. It was delicious and just what my body was craving.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to drink a regular smoothie again. I am so used to the taste and humongous size of these veggie and fresh fruit ones!

My dad was attempting to take a picture of me when I got home from my workout but Bailey was extra eager to say hello. Bright workout clothes and puppy greetings when I get home make a hard workout even better.

And that was day one of #operationfitbride . I’m excited to keep you guys updated on the progress and hear about your own progress that you’re making! Us bride-to-bes have to stick together! 😀

Question of the Day: Do you work out in your jewelery? I always take off my necklace and watch when I work out but I’m not sure what to do about my engagement ring. I’m so used to having it on all the time now!


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    I find it weird when I don’t wear mine (wedding ring) to run. I sort of touch it with my thumb every few miles to remind me of who I’m running for and setting a healthy example for. Although, since mine is a band, it’s much easier to operate with and more “in place.”

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    I can’t workout with my wedding rings. My fingers swell when I do so it just feels uncomfortable.

    Good luck on your journey the next 10 months! Don’t be intimidated by exercise. Everyone starts somewhere!

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    LOVE it! Your wedding is about to be the most amazing day of your life thus far! Funny about the jewelry..my rings (I have 3 wedding ones) started to make my finger break out. I try not to wear any when lifting anymore!

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    I run with my wedding band but not my engagement ring…too afraid for something to happen to it!! Good luck your training…you’re going to be a beautiful bride!

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    Great idea for accountability with that hashtag! And way to go venturing into the weights side of the gym. That’s still the place I feel less comfortable, but now I have a routine down. The first time is the hardest! Oh, and I never take my rings off for exercise, showers, etc… go with whatever makes you most comfortable.

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    Oh, this is a great post! I just found your blog and I’m going through all your wedding posts. I’m recently engaged (got engaged in August), and I’m planning a wedding for September 2013. I never ever take off my engagement ring, even when I’m lifting weights. The only time I take it off is when I’m getting my hands really dirty (kneading dough or cooking something messy). I just feel weird without it on, so I decided to just get used to wearing it while I workout.

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