Fitness Motivation


I’m trying to surround myself with positive mantras and encouragement as I work on my health and fitness. I spent some time today finding quotes on Pinterest I want to write in my planner and remind myself of during moments when I can really use some fitness motivation. I wanted to focus on quotes that… [Read More]

Kabocha Squash Ice Cream Pops

kabocha squash ice cream pops

This is probably one of the most out-there recipes I’ve ever done, but it’s also one of the coolest. You see, it all started with a squash. I have loved kabocha squash since I first tried it in Hawaii and proceeded to become obsessed. When I saw it was back on the shelves at Whole Foods… [Read More]

Handwritten Love


I love getting mail. It seriously makes every day feel like Christmas. As a blogger, I get mail all the time. It’s a great perk of the gig. My absolute favorite thing to receive is a handwritten note on cute stationery. I’m all about technology, but I love the fact that someone took some time out of… [Read More]

Weekend Snapshots


Hey guys! Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? My Easter weekend was great. Don’t forget to link-up to your weekend post at the end of this one! Here’s what I was up to: Saturday was an errand-running day. While we shopped, we got lunch at Whole Foods. And I picked up a kabocha squash!… [Read More]

Friday Five


Hey guys! Happy Easter weekend! Who else has already eaten too many Starburst jellybeans? Regardless of if this is a holiday weekend for you or just another Saturday and Sunday, I hope your weekend is awesome! Here’s what I’m loving this Friday: 1. I Followed My Stolen iPhone Across The World, Became A Celebrity In China,… [Read More]

LOFT Favorites

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 6.57.21 AM

I first discovered LOFT in college when I was looking for internship interview clothes that wouldn’t break the bank. I walked into the store and immediately wanted to buy everything. It was all so cute and my style.   Since that day in college I’ve gone through cycles with Loft. Sometimes I walk in and love everything…. [Read More]

A Tequila Tasting With A Personal Touch


This past weekend Josh and I hosted a tequila party at our place! It was in part to share the tequila we bought in Mexico with our friends. Although who really needs an excuse to eat guacamole, drink good tequila, and make margaritas with tequila from Costco? We also wanted to introduce our friends (and now… [Read More]

Easter Preparations


Spring is in the air people! It was 70 degrees yesterday and it felt fabulous! I can’t believe Easter is next week! It is officially time Josh and I put away the Christmas decorations and freshen up the house. Which is exactly what we did last weekend. We arranged a colorful centerpiece. Added some cute… [Read More]

Weekend Snapshots


Hey everyone! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I could really use another day to rest and recuperate but had such an awesome one. Don’t forget to link up to yours at the end of this post! My weekend started off with Saigon Bowl with Megan after work on Friday. Saigon Bowl hosted a Yelp… [Read More]

Friday Five


Happy Friday everyone! Did this week fly by for you guys? I think only working half a day on Wednesday made me feel like today should be Thursday and not Friday. I’m not complaining though! Bring on the weekend! Here are five things I’m loving this week: 1. I came across this name meaning site while blog reading… [Read More]

Three Cooks Three Kitchens: Sweet Potato Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burrito

*A killer headache knocked me out of commission yesterday. I bumped the fashion post I had planned for next week. Sorry for the interruption in HHS reading. It’s time for March’s Three Cooks One Kitchen! In case you aren’t familiar, Three Cooks One Kitchen is a monthly cooking installment Joanna, Hannah and I do. We pick one of our places to… [Read More]