This past weekend…

I got a delicious salad and risotto from Kitchen Table for a Friday night dinner in while Josh was out golfing with the guys.

Saturday Josh and I woke up and headed over to Jess‘s house for our first training session. She just started offering personal training sessions at her house and is an incredible fitness inspiration. She lifts heavy and her hard work shows – she’s ripped! My arms are pretty weak, so I’m looking forward to lifting some weights with her and getting strong. I thought it would be fun for Josh and I to do this workout together. He’s my biggest motivator, and it’s always fun to get to cheer each other on. We have another training session next Saturday. I’m excited for it!

Afterwards we headed to Whole Foods to pick up groceries for the week and to refuel after our HIIT workout. I got a beast of a salad. I’m putting avocado on everything.

I got to go to my second-ever first birthday party! Miss Eleanor turned one. When I first met Joanna, Eleanor was only a few weeks old. It’s crazy to think she’s one now! Joanna had the cutest theme – it was Eleanor’s “berry” first birthday! There was tons of berries and berry themed dishes around. Eleanor also looked like a little strawberry in her adorable outfit. She even had a strawberry smash cake! It was such a fun afternoon.

I wish that I could have been celebrating Father’s Day with my Dad in person. But since he was on vacation and I now live halfway across the country, a phone call sufficed. I am lucky to have the best dad a girl could ask for. Growing up he had to be a mom and a dad and he did an incredible job.

After a Zumba class to shake out my legs after Saturday’s intense workout, Josh and I went to see 22 Jump Street on Sunday. It was hysterical. We were laughing out loud the entire time. It’s definitely a movie I recommend.

And today I’m on my way to Kansas City for a work trip. I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Question of the Day: What were you up to this weekend?


  1. Lori Musselman says

    Congrats on starting a new workout program with a trainer! You’ll have rockin’ arms in no time.

  2. says

    Great weekend!!! I am in the same boat with not being able to spend fathers day with my father, but it makes it all more special when you can spend time with them! I went to a friends wedding, and moved my stuff from PA to MI….quite a change haha! Have a wonderful week!

  3. says

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! The berry theme is so cute for her birthday!

    This weekend was pretty laid back — nothing too exciting happened around here!

  4. says

    Those salads look so good! I feel like when I make salads they aren’t as good as everyone else’s pictures 😉 Very cool that you’re training with Jess! She was one of the first fitness bloggers I started to follow – I’d love to train with her one day!

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