Registering For Our Wedding

Over the break Josh and I did a lot of fun stuff, including registering for our wedding! We knew when we got engaged that we really didn’t have a lot we needed to ask for. Josh and I (but mostly Josh) both love cookware so we’re pretty blessed to have a nearly stocked kitchen already. Between all of his cooking gadgets and Kitchen Aid mixer and my complete China set and the Vitamix my parents got for us, there’s really not a whole lot we needed. That said, there is some stuff we would really like to have to make our future kitchen complete. I like registries because while they never force a person to buy something, they give ideas and suggestions that are guaranteed to be enjoyed by the bride and groom. We decided to register at Crate and Barrel and Bed Bath and Beyond to give our guests some options and because we both really like both of those stores.

While both stores have wedding registries both approach them in completely different ways. From previously working at Macys I expected a lot of hand-holding while registering. Josh and I went to Crate and Barrel first and maybe it was because it was the weekend before Christmas, but there was definitely no hand-holding. We went up to someone, told them we would like to register, and then they took us to a computer kiosk, handed us a gun, and said have fun. I was a little taken aback at first because I felt like we were just let loose in the store, but I ended up really appreciating the no-hassle registry approach. We walked around at our leisure and Josh got to man the scan gun when we found things we liked.

We didn’t register for a lot, but the things we registered for are all things we really want. I thought it would be fun to share some of the items here.

This Crate and Barrel everyday dinnerware set is the thing I want most from our registry. The blogger in me longs for simple plates for photographing food and the country chic lover in me is crazy about all white dish wear. These will go with any table, any decor, and any food.

Josh found his perfect knife set. He came in with a list of knives he specifically wanted for our kitchen and found a set that had them all.

I was just really excited to find cute steak knives. Even though we’re vegetarians, I use steak knives all the time. I know there are specific knives for specific purposes but give me a good steak knife and I can cut just about anything.

Josh found the cutting board of his dreams. It’s supposed to last forever, which it should for how much it costs. While I can barely pick it up I have to admit it really is beautiful and it has grown on me a lot since I first saw it. We cook and prepare a lot of food together, and it will be a great addition to our kitchen.

The thought of organizing tupperware in a pantry makes me a little too excited. I love the OXO push tops and can’t wait to fill them with all sorts of things!

After we found everything we wanted at Crate and Barrel we uploaded our scanner onto the computer and it created our registry. It was quick and simple.

Bed Bath and Beyond was our next stop and way more of the registry experience I was expecting. The gentleman asked us questions about ourselves and the wedding and the wedding showers and had us fill out forms. He then typed everything into the computer and went over in great detail how to go about registering. He periodically checked on us and I think wanted to be involved even more but since it was our second registry we felt comfortable with what we were doing on our own.

When there are fresh kale chips in my house I eat them like the world is ending. Josh was sweet and encouraged me to register for a dehydrator so I can continue to make them all the time when we live together.

Josh introduced me to USA Pan products and now we’re both big fans. It feels good to support products made in the USA.

Josh has nearly every kitchen gadget known to man. His drawers contain an immersion blender, a microplane, measurement cups and mixing bowls galore but there is not one mashed potato masher in his apartment. My nickname when I was little was the mashed potato baby, I’m Irish through and through, and I need a good potato masher for our house.

A non-kitchen but definitely useful item we registered for were these closet hangers. They take up less space than a traditional closet hanger which we desperately need since Josh has just as many clothes as I do. We’ve heard such great things about these hangers and are hopeful they will help us consolidate our clothes.

Once we were done selecting items we got our printed lists and headed on our way.

I think Bed Bath and Beyond’s way of registering is the perfect first store to register at. They go over everything, answer every question, and are very attentive. Employees throughout the store would stop us and ask us if we needed any help when they saw us walking around with the scanner. Once you have the hang of what you are doing I think Crate and Barrel is the perfect place to register at. They leave you alone to browse in private and aren’t pushing products or opinions on you at all. That said, when you need help and ask for it, they’re more than willing to jump in, and in our case remove knives from a glass case so we can feel them and check out their heft.

Both stores are great companies and both registry outings were great experiences. It’s crazy to think it’s another big milestone checked off our wedding journey.

Question of the Day: What are your kitchen must-haves? I love a lot of kitchen products but at the end of the day if I have a stainless steel pan, a steak knife, and my Vitamix, I’m good to go.


  1. Brittney says

    Definitely register for a few things you don’t necessarily need or 100% want. This sounds nuts but the registry person recommended it and many people (most in my experience) did not include receipts with gifts. this is frustrating because you can wind up with duplicates. However if you return something that was purchased off of your registry, they will take it back with no hassle. So when no one bought me the big ticket item I wanted, a Kitchenaid mixer, I returned a few things we didn’t really need or got duplicates of and bought it! I definitely recommend nice flatware and serving ware, toaster ovens that double as convection ovens, trivets, and really nice oven mitts. Take it as an opportunity to splurge on little things.

    • says

      This is such good advice, thank you! Yeah I think I downplayed our registry a little more than I should, we definitely have a good amount of items, including gorgeous flatware (Josh already has nice trivets and oven mitts, I really lucked out, he has like 99% of a kitchen stocked already) and Le Creuset listed, I just think we kept it small in comparison with other people I know. We have less items listed than guests, whereas I’ve been to weddings where they have three times the amount of items than guests. That said we have fun stuff on there and things we’d really enjoy.

  2. says

    SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to register! I will have to borrow some ideas from you because I love everything you just posted and I am obsessed with Crate and Barrel! Isn’t it hilarious that when you see kitchen things you think about how you can photograph them for the blog? Or make stuff in it for the blog? So funny! I do that ALL The time!

    • says

      I’m so glad it’s not just me! haha I was totally visualizing how things would look photographed! Have so much fun registering! You’ll never want to leave Crate and Barrel, we wanted all the furniture!

  3. says

    So exciting!! I remember registering for our wedding… SO MUCH FUN. One thing that I’m really glad we decided to register for, was a rounded curtain rod for our shower curtain! It sounds silly, but it’s so nice to have more room in the shower! No clinging! :)

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