Running the Rundee Dundee 5k

Hello from Davenport! I’m traveling for work and am blogging from the hotel room before I start my day. I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Mine was amazing. On Saturday we woke up early and saw it was raining and windy and just plain miserable out. We were supposed to be running the Dundee Rundee 5k that morning at the Dundee Day event. We hemmed and hawed and debated what to do. We didn’t want to repeat skipping out on the race like we did at Corporate Cup 10k because of the weather, and we had so much fun at the Jaywalk 5k. Finally we just decided to suck it up, get dressed, and head to the course.

The only picture we have of us together after the race is a terrible one but we loved this race so much. It was a bit of a different experience than we expected. Through our lack of planning we started running when the race clock already said 5 minutes. We didn’t know there were obstacles involved like running through muddy woods and crawling on the ground. (And how freaking hilly this course was!)  I also didn’t realize running in glasses while it rains means you really won’t be able to see for 99% of the race. It sounds like I had a miserable time from my description but it was actually one of the most inspiring courses I’ve ever ran. I was running, except for some walkers I passed, almost completely by myself. The volunteers who were directing runners through the course and cheering them on stayed for my slow self and cheered me on. The obstacles were fun (Josh LOVED them and wants to do a mud run so badly now) and the course was beautiful. Completing such a hilly course in the wind and rain made me feel so great. I love that the race was for educating children on eating healthy and that as soon as the race ended there was a parade and festival at the finish line. We will definitely be running this again next year!

Dundee didn’t let a little bad weather dampen their parade spirits. It was such a fun parade and it was great to get to see some of the different organizations and businesses involved in the community. Josh and I live 10 minutes from Dundee so this is likely where we’ll be going for Doctors and Dentists and all that fun stuff we still have to set up since moving.

One of the booths was giving out free rootbeer floats during the parade! What a great post-race treat!

After the parade ended we decided to grab lunch at The French Bulldog. I’ve always been intrigued by this little restaurant and was so excited we were finally getting to check it out. I got the butternut squash salad and Josh got the apple and brie sandwich. Both were amazing. We will definitely be coming back.

We had fun getting home and checking out our race swag bags. We got t-shirts, undees, Whole Foods granola bars, free fitness classes at Aspen Athletic Club, $20 giftcards to a local health store, and Lululemon posters! It was a pretty awesome bag from a pretty awesome race.

We also had to laugh unpacking all the dental swag we got from the parade. One dental practice has been in town for a long time while another one is opening next month. They both had booths across from each other and seemed to be competing for who could be giving away the coolest stuff. Check out those awesome green sippy cups! Josh didn’t want to take them but I really want to use them! #dork (Every time I think of a hashtag now I think of the Jimmy Kimmel/Justin Timberlake hashtag video and burst out laughing.)

Questions of the Day: Have you run an obstacle race before? Did you like it if you have or want to try one if you haven’t?


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