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Happy weekend! I usually don’t post on the weekend but since I’m home for the weekend (Josh is in New Haven with his parents for the holidays) I thought it would be fun to do a different sort of post. I feel like so much happens during the week that I don’t get to blog about because it slips through the cracks. I try to always have a theme or a topic for every post and when things happen that don’t fit those themes the pictures and stories of them tend to fall by the wayside. One of the big things I want my blog to involve more as I start my second year of blogging is my day to day life. I always want to keep it personal on here. If you follow my Instagram and Twitter I think you get a pretty accurate picture of my life. It’s not terribly exciting but I enjoy it. :)

In the spirit of day-to-day here are some things I did this week via Instagram that didn’t make it into a post but that I still really enjoyed.

One of my best friends is visiting after she moved to Hawaii a year ago. I have really missed her so I was so excited to catch up. We met up for drinks and dinner at Olive Garden and had the best time chatting away for hours. My sangria was also really nice. 😀

I’m having a love affair with brussels sprouts at the moment. I want them all the time. I got them in a Wegmans $6 meal this week and almost wish I had ordered a box full of brussels sprouts, although I loved the rest of my meal too. How can you not love eggplant parm?

I painted my nails darker to match the darker days PA is experiencing now. I love the sparkly hue of OPI’s Baby It’s “Coal” Outside. The one downside of OPI is that their brushes are freaking huge and it always turns painting my nails into a messy affair. One day I will be better at it.

I try and eat eggs every day. I love how good for you they are, how easy they are to make, how versatile they are and how they can be paired with so many things. And any time I can find a way to work a sweet potato (or two) into a meal I’m happy. I will always eat sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes when they’re put in front of me.

The Chobani fairies were smiling on me this week! My tummy is very happy and hopefully yours will be too! Stay tuned this upcoming week for a fun giveaway! 😀

I was at TJMaxx recently when these Guess boots caught my eye. I love the equestrian look and the color. I also love the price ($39!) and that they fit my calves. My calves are always too big for boots and it drives me crazy! Partly my build, partly Irish Dancing for years but my calves are abnormally muscled for my body. Fingers crossed the reason that they fit is that my calves are slimming down and not that these boots are just huge. I am determined to fit into regular boots one day. That isn’t too much to ask, is it?

There is something about starting a weekend with pancakes. Topping the pancakes with nuts and fruits makes those pancakes even better. These were a joy to eat.

I also went to see the last Twilight movie today and oh man was it good. I think it’s so funny I had the Twilight books for nearly a year (I got them as a gift) before I decided to read them. I thought the story wouldn’t be that great, and the next thing I knew I was hermit for days at a time pouring through the books. I was really happy with how the producers and writers handled the movie and how they managed to make it even more interesting than the book! I definitely teared up a little at the end. I’m so sad the series is over!

Time to get to bed so I can get a good nights rest before going to visit my family tomorrow. I’ll see you guys on Monday for a recap of it all.

Question of the Day: What is something cool you did this week? Also, please share your Instagram link! I love following new people!


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    snapshot saturday is such a fun idea! i love it!!! definitely going to be following you on IG now!! i’m @jennaloveox if you want to follow me!!! have a great weekend! spa <3

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    I love posts like this that just show a bunch of Instagrammed moments! That sangria looks way yummy and so does all this food. show me someone who dislikes Brussels sprouts and eggplant parm…I will show you a fool! Those boots are way cute. Love those deals!

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    I LOVE those boots. I have HUGE calves. I bought a pair of boots (from Sam’s Club, of all places) and those suckers are TIGHT. I should call them compression boots! 😉

    We just finished a bag of brussel sprouts last week. I need to go back to the store and get more. They were really yummy!

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      Omg brussel sorouts are the best! I just had some tonight and was so happy. Definitely see if your TJMaxx has the boots, they fit great for us big calved girls! ;p

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