Staying Safe in Sandy

Hey all! Happy Halloween! Hopefully the fact that you’re reading this means you have power. I hope all my East Coast friends are doing well and that Sandy left your area with minimal damage and no injuries. It rained continuously from 1pm Monday afternoon until about 4pm Tuesday here. Thankfully we did not have anything bad happen, our house stayed intact, we stayed dry, and we kept power the whole time. I have quite a few family members though that are either without power or can not yet get back to see their homes and assess damage yet so please keep them in your thoughts.

I wish I had off for two days for reasons other than a hurricane, it’s hard to feel happy about down time while others are fearing for their safety. That said it was really nice to get to catch up on sleep and lounge around. I had a lot I needed to get done. My to-do list included wedding stuff, workouts, school work, and blog stuff. I’d say I got around 10% of it done. Something about dreary weather makes it hard to accomplish much. I did workout on Tuesday and it felt so good. I took Sunday as a rest day and planned to work out Monday after work but that never happened. Work closed early at 2pm on Monday and I just wanted to get inside and stay dry. Tuesday I slept in until 11am and managed to spend the entire afternoon doing nothing. By the time dinner rolled around I was feeling bad about myself and feeling like I had fallen out of my fitness groove. I was berating myself for taking a third day off in a row when I realized that the day wasn’t over yet and two days off is not the end of the world. So I got in my workout clothes, got on Youtube, and did a pilates workout. I felt so great about myself afterwards. It was just a reminder for me that workouts are about the big picture. Fitness is for life, not for a day or two, if you fall off the wagon just get back up and keep on going!

For a picture recap of my two days hunkered down inside:

Andy wanted lots of cuddles during the storm. He is the biggest baby and I think the rain and wind made him extra needy. I’m always down for cuddles though, he’s so cute and such a good puppy. He snuggled with me as I watched Dancing with the Stars (so sad about the elimination!), Revolution, and tons of 80’s and 90’s sitcoms I’ve never seen before that were really good! It’s amazing how much time I can waste during the day when I set my mind to it.

I ate a lot of the same things I do during the week when there’s not a hurricane. I was so nervous we were going to lose electricity and I wouldn’t be able to cook before my step-mom reminded me we have a gas stove so even if the power went out we’d be good. Phew, lesson learned to always look for homes with gas stoves! Even when it’s cold out I crave my green smoothie.

Scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes. This combo never gets old.

A baked potato with cheese and paprika. I ate this alongside a dish full of brussels sprouts. I was eating them too quickly to take a picture. Whoever hates on brussels sprouts has clearly never tried them with a sprinkle of salt. They are so tasty!

I stayed in PJs for the whole weekend. I finally got to bust out my fuzzy winter socks and loved how they kept my feet so warm and toasty. Andy was having fun sniffing them while I took this picture. ;p

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to enter my Road Runner Sports running outfit giveaway! Today (10/31) is the last day to enter to win a seriously amazing outfit worth $125!

Question of the Day: How are you celebrating Halloween? I hope you have a great one! My office is dressing up as the arctic for a Halloween contest which means I get to rock my penguin costume again! Then after work I’m heading to the gym and coming home to watch Halloween movies!


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    i celebrated this weekend in the FL keys! it was so much fun and we were WAY fortunate to have great weather! im glad to hear youre safe and sound!! spa <3

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    Glad you are safe and sound. My dogs are huge babies, and we all huddle together during a storm. Fortunately, in the desert we don’t have too many of those.

    I was sad about the DWTS elimination too. She was so good! Of course, they are all good right now and I hate to see anyone go. (Yes, I am a DWTS fangirl :-)).

    Happy Halloween! Have fun. No costume for me. We have our cross country finals today (so I guess I’m dressing up as a coach!).

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      Good luck on your cross country finals! I know your team is going to rock them!

      I’m a dwts fangirl too, she was so good and didn’t deserve to go home yet. :(

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    So glad to hear you are okay and didn’t get hit too badly.
    I felt awful all Sunday-Tuesday. My entire family lives in New York and the ex lives in Maryland and having just moved to Texas like… 3 weeks ago… I should have been in the middle of it all whether I was still with him in MD or back home in NY… I’m definitely thankful I didn’t have to deal with it, but my goodness I would have rather been WITH my family than sitting next to my telephone waiting for some sort of dramatic phone call.

    Talk about exhausting. My coworkers all thought I was nuts. Which well.. thats just besides the point 😉

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    So glad you were safe and dry. The hurricane models kept showing Sandy’s path straight for Wilpo. We are okay here too. Lots of damage in the area, but my neighborhood was greatly spared. We’re off from school and work until Monday, which is bittersweet. I enjoy the time off, but the TV keeps showing all the devastation and it’s tough to enjoy it when others are suffering.

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