Enlightened Ice Cream Giveaway

Erin Smith Girl Gone Veggie Enlightened Giveaway

When I was at the #140conf I got to meet some pretty awesome people. I also got to try some seriously cool products. One of the products that blew me away was this ice cream. It’s called Enlightened and it’s better for you ice cream that still tastes like the real deal. (Seriously!) The folks… [Read More]

Fun with Friends in NYC

Erin Alec Girl Gone Veggie Soul Cycle NYC

Knowing this would be my last time in NYC for at least a few months I really wanted to make the most of it. I don’t know how often I’ll be getting to NYC when I’m living in the middle of the country. I got into the city around dinner time and was starving. I… [Read More]

The State of You #140conf Recap

State of You #140conf NYC Girl Gone Veggie Erin Smith

Hi again! Remember me? I’ve been a little MIA with the busy week I had last week but oh man do I have so much to share. I got into NYC on Sunday and had an amazing few days with my friends. I’ll be sharing more about that tomorrow. Today I’m talking about the conference… [Read More]

My Period Story (and other things that used to embarrass me)

Girl Gone Veggie Kotex Generation Know Erin Smith

Hey guys! Long time no post. Since I wrote last big things have happened. Unfortunately the biggest news story was the Boston Marathon bombing. Like everyone else, I am praying for Boston. The story of Patrick and Jessica, newlyweds that both lost legs in the explosion particularly saddened me. I feel inspired by all the… [Read More]

A New York City Museum Crawl

Erin Smith Girl Gone Veggie Degas NYC

Hopefully you got to soak up some gorgeous sunshine yesterday! In between rain clouds the sun peeked out over here and it was incredible. I felt like a plant growing in the sun wanting to dance in all that happiness. I’m SO ready for spring! Last week the weather was not so nice while we… [Read More]

NYC Eats

Girl Gone Veggie Erin Smith Candle 79 Vegetarian Food

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the outfit love yesterday. I’m so excited to write back to all your awesome comments. Today I bring you the first part in a two part recap of our trip to New York City. We did so much over the weekend I figured it would be easier to… [Read More]

A New York Minute

Erin Smith Girl Gone Veggie Mollies Cupcakes NYC Swings

Hey guys! I wanted to share the rest of my time in NYC last week. The Kotex event took up the bulk of my trip but by arriving early the day before the event started I was lucky to be able to squeeze in some friend time. I already told you about my SoulCycle workout… [Read More]

Lights, Camera, Take Action: Behind the Scenes with Generation Know

U by Kotex Girl Gone Veggie Kotex Erin Smith ubykotex

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed the Superbowl yesterday. I enjoyed the food, Beyonce’s half time show, the commercials, the power outage, and the randomly tense/awesome second half. You’re probably going to be hearing enough about the game today though, so I’m writing about something completely different. I mentioned last week that… [Read More]

Vegas Shows and Shopping

I can’t be the only one who is obsessed with Cirque Du Soleil. Ever since my dad took me to Quebec and I learned how the acrobatic circus got its start I was a fan. With Josh I got to see Quidam, my first Cirque show. It was even better than I could have imagined…. [Read More]