Running for Boston

Running for Boston Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

I had Boston on my mind today. Over breakfast I read about the preparations for the race. My Twitter feed was keeping me updated throughout the day as the race progressed and the winners were announced. And tonight as I scrolled through my Instagram feed and saw pictures of bloggers I’ve met with finisher’s medals… [Read More]

Easter Celebrations

Erin Fairchild Girl Gone Veggie Easter Celebrations

For all of you that celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful Easter yesterday. Josh got really sick Saturday night so we ended up not getting to bed until most people were waking up Easter morning. Sunday Josh was still feeling a little under the weather and we were both exhausted. Despite that, we both… [Read More]

Friday Five 11

5 facts friday

I’m so excited it’s Friday! I have a lot to do this weekend. I want to work on some blog things and get down to business planning our upcoming trip to Hawaii. I  also want to go for a run and rock another Zumba class. The weather is supposed to be beautiful! 1. Speaking of… [Read More]

A weekend in pictures

Girl Gone Veggie Omaha Friends Weekend Marks ECreamery

A fun night with girlfriends getting dinner at Marks and dessert at ECreamery. ECreamery’s Irish Cream ice cream is the bomb dot com. Our running buddy Gizmo. Josh and I were running a 5k around Regency when this little guy trotted up to me and started covering me in kisses. Thankfully he had tags and… [Read More]

Five Facts Friday 10

5 facts friday

TGIF! I had a busy week of traveling for work, and while I had the best time I am so looking forward to a weekend filled with lots of sleep. Here’s five other things on my mind this Friday: 1. Residents of St. Louis: go eat at The Tavern if you haven’t already. I went… [Read More]

An Eventful Weekend

Erin Fairchild Life Lately Girl Gone Veggie Omaha

Thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s post. I love that you guys are tea fans too. I alluded to my weekend yesterday, but thought I would do a post recapping what I’ve been up to. Chicken curry from Marrakech, a red velvet cupcake from Jones Bros, and Divergent with my girlfriends. Ignore all the… [Read More]

What I ate in Cancun

What I ate in Cancun Honeymoon Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

If I had to sum up our food experience in Cancun in one word it would be guacamole. Thankfully I get a lot more words to tell you about all the delicious foods we had on our trip. I’m very fortunate that Josh and I are the same when it comes to eating on vacation…. [Read More]

A St. Patrick’s Day 5k

Erin Fairchild Girl Gone Veggie Blarney Stone 5k St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m taking a break from honeymoon recaps to share a fun St. Patrick’s day recap. Erin go Braugh! I’m very proud to be Irish and was excited to get to celebrate such a fun holiday in a unique way this year. Josh and I ran a 5k! We signed up for… [Read More]

This past weekend

This past weekend Molly's Bridal Shower Omaha Nebraska Friends Girl Gone Veggie

This past weekend: I had an amazing time at Molly’s bridal shower. She’s the one in the gorgeous dress. It was so fun to get to celebrate her, and to get to hang out with some really awesome girls. We’re celebrating Mardi Gras together tomorrow and I can’t wait! Josh and I had a fun… [Read More]

Five Facts Friday 5

Five facts friday erin fairchild girl gone veggie

I can’t believe it’s already Friday again! Time is flying. It’s time for another Five Facts Friday! 1. I am itching to get back into a workout routine so badly! The only workout I’ve done in the last few weeks was the 5k last weekend. It was so brutal I ended up taking more time… [Read More]

A Chocolate and Pastry Tour of Omaha

Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild Chocolate and Pastries Omaha Culinary Tours

Something I’ve realized since moving to Omaha is how many amazing restaurants there are. This city loves its food. In the last seven months since we moved here Josh and I have been slowly but surely tasting our way through the city. When I heard that Omaha Culinary Tours had started offering food tours around Omaha… [Read More]