Zoe Keating is coming to Omaha

Zoe Keating is coming to Omaha! Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild Omaha Performing Arts Concert

You guys know I love me some classical music. I played the violin growing up in school. While I loved it, I always wished I learned how to play the cello too.  We talked about bucket lists yesterday. True story- I used to have a list with all the qualities I wanted in man. He… [Read More]

Coffee Talk: On Goals and Bucket Lists

Coffee Talk: On Goals and Bucket Lists Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

If you and I were sitting down having coffee right now, -I’d tell you that I picked sleep over posting this last night. -I’d tell you that my number one goal on my bucket list is to write a book. Does it count as a bucket list if it’s the only real item on the… [Read More]


Currently Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

I love getting to know bloggers more through personal posts and surveys. What can I say, I’m a nosey person. In the spirit of learning more about me (and because I got too distracted watching Dance Moms to write up a different post) here’s a survey I found on Julie’s blog called Currently that I… [Read More]

My Daily Me Time

Stonyfield Greek Yogurt Boston Marathon Girl Gone Veggie

Life is busy. Some people can juggle a crazy schedule and make it look effortless. I am not that kind of girl. I’ve got a job, a side job, a blog, a husband, family, and friends. I’m usually running from one place to the next on my never-ending to-do list. And I never get enough… [Read More]

Five Facts Friday 7

Five facts friday erin fairchild girl gone veggie

It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for another Five Facts Friday. 1. I spent the day yesterday with some great co-workers at the Greater Omaha Young Professionals Summit. It was an amazing conference filled with useful seminars designed to help you grow professionally, personally, and philanthropically. I tweeted out a lot of the advice that… [Read More]

What if Everybody Ran

Erin Fairchild Girl Gone Veggie What it Everybody Ran Mizuno Study

Mardi Gras I hope you had a great Mardi Gras. I had dinner and drinks with girlfriends and grabbed (more) drinks with Josh. It was fun getting into the spirit of the day. Maybe I got a little too into the spirit. ;p Running Something I can never get too into is running. Do you… [Read More]

Five Facts Friday 6

5 facts friday

Is it really already Friday again? I’m so looking forward to this weekend. One of my good friends here is having a bridal shower and Josh and I have some errands we need to run in preparation for our honeymoon in a week and half! Ahh I can’t wait! 1. Josh and I had a… [Read More]

Five Facts Friday 4

Five facts friday erin fairchild girl gone veggie

1. This has been a rough week for me. During the day Monday my throat suddenly became very sore. The rest of me felt fine and I worried it was strep, until my head and ears decided to join the pain party. I went to the Doctor after work today and found out that while… [Read More]

Five Facts Friday 2

Five facts friday erin fairchild girl gone veggie

It’s time for another five facts Friday post! I hope your week went well! Here are five things that are on my mind today. 1. Working out makes me feel really, really good. It can be painful and uncomfortable while I’m doing it, but it does wonders for my self-esteem and energy levels afterwords. I’m… [Read More]

3 Things to Ask Yourself

Hey everyone! So this post was supposed to be my StitchFix review but then The Black List took it to an even new level of disturbing with last night’s episode. After hiding behind Josh in horror for an hour I decided to call it a night and head to bed. I’ll make sure to post… [Read More]

Five Facts Friday

Five facts friday erin fairchild girl gone veggie

Sometimes I feel like I just want to ramble on here. And I figure what better day to ramble than a Friday? So without further ado, I present Five Facts Friday. I hope you enjoy the very random thoughts that are currently on my mind. 1. I am loving barre. I’ve been getting a lot… [Read More]