Adventures in Cancun

Erin Fairchild Girl Gone Veggie Honeymoon Cancun Mexico Cenotes

Happy first day of Spring! I’m celebrating with my final recap of our trip to Cancun. It was 75 degrees and sunny every day we were there, giving us lots of time for fun activities. Here’s some of the highlights: La Isla It was nice having the mall right across the street from us. There… [Read More]

What I ate in Cancun

What I ate in Cancun Honeymoon Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

If I had to sum up our food experience in Cancun in one word it would be guacamole. Thankfully I get a lot more words to tell you about all the delicious foods we had on our trip. I’m very fortunate that Josh and I are the same when it comes to eating on vacation…. [Read More]

Where we stayed on our honeymoon

Girl Gone Veggie Westin Lagunamar Cancun Mexico Honeymoon

We’re back from our honeymoon! It feels like no time has passed and yet so much has happened all at the same time. While I wish we were still in Mexico, all vacations must eventually end, and our time in Cancun was absolutely perfect. I have so many pictures and stories to share there’s no… [Read More]

It’s Honeymoon Time!

Erin Fairchild Girl Gone Veggie Cancun Mexico Honeymoon

I just wanted to pop in and say hi! Josh and I are on our way to Cancun today! I can’t wait for a week of fun in the sun, some authentic Mexican food, and Cancun adventures with my favorite guy. I also can’t wait to scope out this hotel. We got a villa at… [Read More]

Scenes from Nashville

Erin Fairchild Girl Gone Veggie Nashville

Happy Friday! I’m on my way home from Nashville now and am writing this post on my phone. Hopefully it works! This trip was such a fun one. My plane is about to board so I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves. Question of the Day: Have you been to Nashville?

Celebrating Three Years (with a giveaway!)

Erin Fairchild Josh Element Westin Hotel Midtown Crossing Review Giveaway

Now that we’re married, a lot of people would say our dating anniversary doesn’t really matter. But our first date was also the first time we ever met. (Online dating for the win!) So what may seem like a small event to some people now that we’re husband and wife is still pretty huge to… [Read More]

Nebraska Crossing Outlet FIRST Look Fashion Show Recap

Erin Fairchild Nebraska Crossing Outlets First Look Fashion Show VIP

Yesterday was one of those days where plans pop up out of the blue and you just have to go with it. If you had asked me yesterday morning how I’d be spending my evening I’d have said eating dinner with girlfriends after work. Instead I spent it at the new Nebraska Crossing Outlets (Nex… [Read More]

Introducing my Dad to Omaha

Dad Josh Erin Fairchild Visit Omaha Girl Gone Veggie

I feel like I blinked and this weekend was over. It was such a wonderful weekend that flew by way too quickly. It started out the way weekends usually do : I picked up groceries. I got gas. And did a little happy dance when I saw how cheap it was. When I interned for… [Read More]

Our First Husker Game

Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild Husker Game Nebraska Football

I love my job. My coworkers are so nice, and it seems like all of them are hardcore Nebraska Huskers fans. That energy has been contagious! When my boss asked me if I’d like his tickets to a Husker game I was so excited. Nebraska lives and breathes Husker football, so for Josh and I… [Read More]

Going Nuts for NuttZo

NuttZo Fitfluential Erin Fairchild Girl gone veggie

I feel like time has been flying. So so much has happened since I last blogged. The biggest news: I found a job! It is a job I am so excited about, I really lucked out. It’s exactly what I went to school for and what I always wanted to do. My official start date… [Read More]

Settling Down in Omaha

Erin Fairchild Girl Gone Veggie Omaha downtown

Hello from Omaha! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. This past week flew by for me. Up until Thursday it was a race to get everything ready for our movers. We went with Mayflower and they were amazing. We’ll be getting all of our stuff this Wednesday and I can’t wait to start getting… [Read More]