Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Living in a small town definitely has its pros and cons. One of the biggest pros of living in South Williamsport is living on the same street as the Little League World Series. These games are truly one of America’s gems. The events are all about our country, the world, and family. I’ve been coming to the games for years and was so excited to get to bring Josh last summer so he could experience the magic of it all for himself. Unfortunately our plans were derailed because of a freak hurricane but this year we were determined to make it happen.

It was the perfect weather. It was also packed! We had to get a seat on the lawn because the bleachers were filled to maximum capacity.

It was crowded on the lawn too!

There’s a tradition at Little League where the local kids bring cardboard boxes and slide down the hill during the games. It was so fun getting to watch them, they were having a blast!

We snuggled up and watched the game over a huge bag of kettle corn. It was the best. I was so excited Josh got to make it to a game and that Connecticut was playing that day. It was kind of sad though, Connecticut was playing Nebraska and they were SO much better to them. At halftime it was 12-0 so they called the game to avoid humiliating Nebraska further. My favorite games are when it’s a nail biter and so close down to the last minute. I feel bad seeing the little kids get so sad and discouraged. If you’re ever in Williamsport when the games are going on I really recommend checking them out. They’re free and so much fun.

After the game we were getting hungry so we decided to grab some dinner. Barrel 135 is my go-to place Williamsport, they’re amazing. We were planning on going there but we heard they have a new sister restaurant called The Brickyard down the street. We decided to be adventurous and try something new. I loved the way it was tucked into an alley and all the adorable decorations. I wish the food would have lived up to the beauty.

The inside of the restaurant was awesome, it had a great look and feel to it and the staff was really nice. Josh also said the beer selection was great.

Me sipping my water as we waited for our meals. We were happy we got there when we did because the place started to fill up really quickly shortly afterwards.

Josh and I both got the veggie burgers for dinner. This burger looks like it should be amazing, it’s hand made, has avocado on it, and a big side of fries. Unfortunately the burger was probably the worst veggie burger I have ever had. I really wanted to like it, but it was over-seasoned to death. Josh and I were talking as we ate thinking whoever made the food probably dumped in an entire jar of salt and spices into the mix. If the chef had simply seasoned it with a quarter of the spices it would have been delicious. As it was I couldn’t taste anything but the salt and spices, it even numbed the taste of the fries for me and I left with a salt headache. We should have sent our meals back, especially for the price, but we were starving and I didn’t want to be rude and upset people. I’m horrible with confrontation. I wanted to tell the waitress at the end of the meal about our food but she was so busy she never got around to asking us how it tasted. The rest of their food might be delicious and it is such a fun atmosphere to hang out but we’re so nervous to go back there now after that burger. :(

Moving on to delicious things, Josh and I went out for falafel the next day at Pita Cabana in State College. Omg it was amazing. The pita was packed to the brim with veggies and perfectly spiced. You order it buffet style so you can guarantee that everything on it is something you want. It was so filling and we splurged and got some baklava to go with it. It was so worth it. 😀 If you’re in the area definitely check them out, they’re quickly becoming one of our favorite food places.

That night Josh and I went over to Pierce and Lily’s place for some food and drinks. Josh and I picked up a delicious wine for everyone while Lily and Pierce provided the snacks. Pierce made guacamole and veggie quesadillas with beans and cheese and they were incredible. I could eat them all day. It was so much fun getting to hang out and chat and eat. I love couple friends! 😀

And as I was uploading my camera pictures for this post I noticed a few from the day Josh and I got our engagement shoot done. I thought it would be fun to share them:

We went out for froyo at Kiwi afterwards! It was the perfect celebratory treat.

The two of us back at his apartment after the photo shoot. I cant believe my hair kept the curls for so long!

I love this one. <3

Happy Friday friends! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Question of the Day: Have you ever been really disappointed with a meal at a restaurant? How did you handle it?

Oh and a little #operationfitbride update: I ran three miles today! I was so proud of myself, it’s amazing how great a good workout can make you feel.


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