Tarzan, Snapchat, Rick Springfield, and Arts Fest

That’s one heck of a title isn’t it? So much happened this weekend, and I want to share it all with you guys.  So I’m going to. Buckle up for a picture heavy post.

Tarzan is in Omaha!

Now through June 22nd, Tarzan is playing at The Rose Theater. Josh and I were so excited to check out the media pre-screening. Tarzan was one of my favorite Disney films growing up. I have such happy memories watching it with my dad and sister. The soundtrack is one of the best out there, and I loved that the play brought those songs to life with a live orchestra! This play is such a beautiful one that touches on the themes of love, family, friendship, animal kindness, and acceptance. I love watching Tarzan and Jane fall in love.

Tarzan’s parents gave performances that brought down the house. Oh my goodness they were amazing. And how incredible is this set? This is definitely a play I’d recommend for all ages. Click here to purchase tickets. (Disclaimer: This review is sponsored by the Rose Theater. All opinions are my own.)

Snapchat Me!

Don’t you want pictures like this delivered straight to your phone? Let’s be real here – I don’t really understand Snapchat. But at 23 years old, I refuse to turn into an old curmudgeon that’s set in my technology ways. So I’ve downloaded Snapchat and have a total of 4 friends. My username is GirlGoneVeggie. Friend me so we can send each other silly pictures!

80’s Night

Josh and I went to the Little River Band, Eddie Money, and Rick Springfield Concert at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs. It was a really fun night. There was a great crowd, a fun atmosphere, and good music to dance along to. Little River Band was awesome at working the crowd. Eddie Money seemed like he was about to fall off the stage at any second. Rick Springfield looked like he was in his 40’s and sounded like he was in his 20’s. (He’s in his 60’s FYI.) I’m obsessed with his new song Our Ship’s Sinking. The Mid-America Center was such a great concert venue, and I can’t wait to go back!

Date night! We had fun discussing what bands from our generation would still be rocking out like this in the future. We also had some incredibly enthusiastic middle-aged people in our section who were dancing their hearts out the entire time. I understand, I’ll be like that for Justin Timberlake one day. ;p

The Mid-America Center provided tickets for Omaha bloggers. We met up to chat and take a picture in-between acts.

French toast with a twist

I saw the recipe for French toast bananas on Treats with a Twist last week and knew I had to try them. They were amazing. They tasted super indulgent but are actually really healthy.

Peony obsessed

While grocery shopping this weekend I had to oogle at the peony display Whole Foods had going on. These are just so beautiful. I’d fill my house with hundreds of them if I could.

All aboard!

My friend Erin and I (E^2!) explored the Union Pacific Railroad Museum in Council Bluffs, Iowa. We had a fun time checking out all the exhibits. You can blow up a mountain, drive a train, and learn so much. Best of all: it’s free!

I took my favorite Zumba class. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Zumba and my heart was so happy. My favorite instructor wasn’t there, but the sub was fabulous. And I found out he teaches a new class at my gym on Mondays, so I’ll be taking that after work tomorrow!

Josh and I spent Sunday afternoon exploring the Omaha Summer Arts Fest. It was just down the street from us and featured artists from all over the country. We loved browsing the art and listening to the bands. I also successfully turned down kettle corn at a festival for the first time in my life. It was crazy.

Questions of the Day: What were you up to this weekend? Did you have gorgeous weather?


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      Ohh I love froyo!! But Omaha doesn’t have real cookie dough as a topping, they have these weird little cookie dough dry balls. I’ve tried every froyo place I come across and still no luck. One day I’ll have froyo with real cookie dough again! 😀

    • says

      haha That would be perfect for Josh. He always says new technology makes him want to get grumpy and yell, “Get off my lawn!!” haha

    • says

      My sister is probably wishing she never added me as a friend on there. I’ve been sending her silly pictures all day!

  1. says

    Don’t feel bad- I don’t get SnapChat either. I didn’t understand what Twitter was until I started blogging. (same with Instagram) Now I love them all! (except Facebook…the dying social media platform)

  2. says

    Wow, what a fun-filled weekend, from Thursday-Sunday :) . The concert was great. I love French Toast. I may have to get that French Toast banana recipe from you.

  3. says

    Haha, awesome title for your post! I have to admit, the part that really caught my eye was “Rick Springfield.” Because I’m OLD. :) Sounds like a really great show.

  4. says

    Rick Springfield was great! I don’t think Jessie’s Girl will ever get old :) It was great to see you again too & love that group picture!

    I have yet to try Zumba but I know the Y offers it pretty frequently. I’ve watched people do it but I think I’d feel silly!

    P.S. – I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get a picture on here whenever I post (this happens on other blogs too for some reason). Do you know what i’m doing wrong!?

    • says

      My Zumba instructor says if you’re not feeling silly you’re not giving it your all! It’s totally normal! ;p

      And the picture is through Gravatar. If you Google that you should be able to create an account and link your email to a picture. Then anytime you enter your email in when leaving a blog comment your picture will pop up! Let me know if you have any more questions while setting the account up!

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