Testing Out Wedding Hairstyles

Over winter break Josh’s mom, her close friend Robin and I all had a girls day out at the salon Capture in New Haven. This wasn’t just any salon trip, it was a trip to figure out my wedding hair style. Before Josh moved to State College he had only had his hair cut by one person in his entire life. Her name is Renee and she is super talented. Josh’s family became really close with her over the years and John and Debbie still have her cut their hair to this day. She’s coming to our wedding and as her wedding gift would like to do my hair and makeup. It was so sweet of her to offer that and it means so much to me. I know I will be in good hands with her on my big day.

The salon she works at is absolutely stunning. They renovated an old bank and it has some of the most beautiful architecture.

First she got to beautifying my hair. I love what she did with the color and how flattering the cut is. If only I could make it look like this every day! ;p

Then came the experimentation. I knew I wanted a bump in the front to add some volume for pictures, but other than that I was open for suggestions. I just want to feel beautiful on my big day.

With the bump in place it was time to try up-do styles. I love having my hair down and curly. It looked so beautiful in my engagement photos. But I only had my hair done for a few hours when I had my engagement photos taken and the curls were already falling out. My hair is so thin it makes it hard to hold a style. With it being my wedding I figured better to be safe than sorry. I know an up-do will definitely hold my hair in place all day.

I showed Renee pictures of my dress and she told me I need a soft hairstyle with how romantic and soft my dress is. She immediately got to twisting and turning and I fell in love. This is a side angle of how she styled the front and sides of my hair.

This photo doesn’t have the bump or the side twists but it shows an option for of curls in the back. She would then use pearl pins to sprinkle throughout the curls to keep my hair in place and tie in my dress.

When I come back in June we’re going to have another hair appointment to touch up my color and finalize my wedding hair style. I’ll also be able to bring my veil then so we can see how everything looks with the veil in place. Saying I’m excited about my hair is an understatement. I’m so glad I came in there without a vision, Renee is the professional for a reason and she obviously knows what she was doing. I can’t believe everything is coming together so well. I’ll be walking down that aisle in six short months!

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite wedding hairstyle? How did you wear your hair for your wedding? I love seeing bridal pictures so share, share, share!


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    I love hairstyle # 2 but… It really all depends on the neckline of your dress! Is it strapless? If it has covered sleeves I would recommend an updo so you can fully show off THE WHOLE dress :) Eeeps! I bet you’re getting so excited! My sister just got married in September, it was such a beautiful wedding!

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    i think there’s a pic of me in my wedding dress on my about page or if you search anniversary on my blog there are a few collages. confession, i actually liked my trial run way better than my wedding day hair…but in the grand scheme of the day it was a very little thing. it’d def go with up instead of down if your hair is thin. it’ll be a long day!

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    So fun! Loooove the colour! I had my hair up, and parted on the side. And I had a tiara! I’m so not a “tiara girl”, but it was my wedding and the shop owner put it on my head, and it just went with the dress :)

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