The Great Pumpkin Run Omaha Recap

This past Sunday Josh and I woke up bright and early, got into costume and headed to Werner Park.

We were running The Great Pumpkin Run 5k! I’ve never done a costume run before so I was really looking forward to this. I went as a Minnie Mouse and Josh went as a pirate. I’m pretty proud of how they turned out considering we decided the night before that we should probably put costumes together. haha I’m so glad we decided to wear long sleeves and running pants because it was freezing before the race!

We met up with Joanna who came as a pumpkin! We all stayed warm in her car before the race started.

We also met up with Jess, her husband Spencer, and their baby Jada! I loved their bug costumes. They definitely inspire me to someday take my little ones to a costume race. 😀

Josh was so nervous about this race since we’ve done very little exercise in the past few weeks. (Adjusting to real world schedules is no joke, I feel like my day is booked from early in the morning to late at night.) He ended up doing amazing though, I was so proud of him. I love this action shot.

Joanna was sweet and snapped this picture of me crossing the finish line. I love how Josh looks so intense in his picture and I’m just like la dee dah dee dah. I was the last of our group to finish but I was having so much fun. I loved checking out all the costumes and having people cheer me on from the sidelines yelling, “Go Minnie!” was kind of the best thing ever. There was a healthy mix of hills in this race that I really appreciated. While they’re not fun and I suck at them, I never want to be someone who expects a flat course or can only run when there’s not hills.

This was such a fun race! I’m already excited to do it again next year. Josh and I already have costume ideas. 😀

Afterwards Josh and I went to get our free post-race beers. It was the perfect end to a great race.

Questions of the Day: Have you participated in a costume race? What did/would you run as?


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    That looks like so much fun! I’ve only done one 5K and now it’s getting pretty chilly so I might have to wait until Spring, but I wish we had something like this! You guys all look great too!

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